Ancistrus – fish of small size with a bright spotty pattern. This catfish can cling to any surface – stone, glass, algae or decorative ornaments in the aquarium. The green patina that forms on the walls and on the bottom of the aquarium is the main food for ancistrus. It is noteworthy that eating plaque from algae, the fish not only satisfies hunger, but also greatly helps to implement this cleaning. In aquariums where catfish live, cleaning is performed much less frequently.
In the aquarium it is best to keep a few catfish or one male and several females. During the breeding season males are aggressive towards each other. During labor not only seriously injured, but the death of weaker individuals.

The feeding regime of catfish stuck

едят ли аквариумные сомы червяков

Feeding catfish stuck is usually in the evening. It is recommended to turn off the lights and wait until the other inhabitants of the aquarium to sleep. Otherwise food intended for the catfish, you can eat it the neighbors. Please note that the ancistrus, like all catfish, very shy. The day they spend most of their time under cover – hiding behind rocks or shells, driftwood or decorative boxes.
Despite the calm and peaceful nature, catfish-Remora very jealous of their shelters. Often they even drive away other fish from their houses.

If you're going to have the ancistrus, then please note that the aquarium must be prepared place intended for the catfish. This variety of fish does not like bright sunlight and fluorescent light. Along catfish-Remora with almost any varieties of aquarium inhabitants.

What to feed catfish-Remora

как отличить самку сомика от самца

The main diet of a catfish-Remora are, as a rule, a special bottom feed in quite large granules. However, additionally, these fish can feed cucumbers, cabbage leaves, scalded with boiling water or lettuce, dandelion or even the pumpkin slices. These types of food placed on the bottom of the aquarium and lightly pressed against the stone.

A live feed of catfish-sucker is also consumed with pleasure. The main problem lies in the fact that such food is not always, its primarily eaten by other inhabitants of the aquarium. If bloodworms or Tubifex will be on the bottom, a catfish will quickly find a favorite treat while exploring the territory.