Check out the game pre-installing the drivers for the joystick on your PC. Should make sure whether the ability to connect the game itself. To do this, plug the joystick and go to the game. Enter the settings screen, then "control settings". Tick the box or in the list of devices select your device. If the joystick is not working, it for the reliability test it on other games. If the joystick is not working only in one game, then contact support of the developers of the game.
If you don't get from the joystick response test it. In operating systems of family of Windows, open "control Panel" then "Game controller". The status of your joystick should be OK. If the status is not "OK", then make click on the button "Properties" and then click "Check". If the joystick is working properly, then it will vibrate or beep.
In the case where the status of the joystick is "not connected" (faced with this problem when connected to Game port or joystick, just not in this window (joysticks with USB connection), then the cause may be, or a faulty joystick, or software, used Windows.
The joysticks on the Game port. If the status of the joystick is "Not connected", you should make sure that it's connected in a single instance. Check the correct operation of the Game port. "Control panel" - "System" - "device Manager" - "Sound, or "Game controllers "Joystick for game port". If the latter is listed, then the port is operational, if not, contact the technical support of the shop where you bought the computer.
Joysticks with USB port. The USB controllers are automatically added to the list of gaming devices after the connection. If the joystick does not appear in the list, check to see whether his computer. Refer to the device Manager (see above) and verify that the controller is installed correctly in the device list. If not, then turn on the joystick.