To make the classic Bong, take two plastic bottles of different size, for example, a liter and a half liters. The smaller bottle cut the bottom and more top. Then insert them at each other and pour water almost to the top.
Then pour in the Bong the desired content: tobacco, tea or mint. Content put in the cork from the bottle and gently tighten it onto the structure. Be careful - make sure the tobacco didn't Wake up in the water or on the floor. Then bring to cover the fire and slowly lift the upper part of Bong. After the tobacco is burned, immediately put the fire to a large part of what is inside, not burned, slowly smoldering.
So, first the camera hook up the receiver. The second connect with first with the help of aquarium tubing. Second make a hole for the mouthpiece. Additional chambers are used for secondary filtration. Filling them with various substances, you can affect the structure and taste of the smoke. The simplest example: fill the additional chamber crushed ice or one-pour the hot water, and in another – cold. In the second case, the following occurs: the molecules of hot water have a greater speed and therefore form the filter pairs. Before breathing the smoke perfectly cooled in the tank with cold water.
Use as filler for alcoholic beverages. Alcohol well mixed with the smoke, resulting in extra flavor and effect. But do not overdo it with fillers, especially if you are not confident in their abilities and reactions to them.