During the throw does not matter, you throw the dice the right or left hand, and also not matter your age and gender. Your success will depend on the number of workouts by which you will be able to develop management skill combinations of cubes.
During training you will be able to develop the most convenient technique of the throw, which uses either two or three, or all five fingers. Throwing dice can be divided into three stages – compression, leveling, and throw.
Squeeze the cubes to score as little as possible to keep your fingers minimally touched cubes lying in his hand. Determine for yourself the most comfortable grip with optimum pressure of fingers on bone. Cubes in your hand should be felt as a single rectangular object, and between them this should not be a free period.
Roll the dice only when they will be next to each other. If there is free space, they will scatter in different directions when thrown.
In order to successfully align the cubes, remember what position they were in at that moment as you raised them from the table. Consider vertical and horizontal to the axis of rotation of the cube, aligning at hand their situation. In order for the combination was the most appropriate for you, hold dices from the hand at the edge of the table, achieving the desired rotation, and thus the desired results.
During the throw will determine the strategy of the game, the selected dealer. If he throws the cubes on a vertical wall, and they are Bouncing, and form a random combination, you will have to do the same thing, and here you will not be able to think in advance the best result – you will have to rely on the case. In all other situations, dispose of bones carefully so that they rotate around one axis parallel to the floor.
You don't need to shake the dice, as it looks unnatural, and you may be suspected of office cubes. Throwing the dice, follow the thumb of the throwing hand – put your thumb at the same time as the other fingers the dice forward.
When you gain experience, try to tweak the dice when thrown to their proper position on the table. In order to wet the fingers did not interfere with the proper throws, RUB them with a piece of chalk.