Choose a newspaper in which there is a thematic band, where they publish poetry readers. Typically, such pages are public and political publications. Also you can contact a specialized literary newspaper.
Please call the office. Talk with those responsible for the poetic page, face, ask about the conditions of publication of the works, the requirements for the poems. May have publications, there are certain restrictions on the subject or volume. If you want to publish poems with the purpose of obtaining a fee, check also.
Prepare a selection of his poems on different topics that work well for you – nature, seasons, love, friendship. Among them should not be of great poems and novels such works from little known authors in the paper just will not publish.
Send your poetry via e-mail or write to the editor. Personal meeting with the newspaper's editor and the responsible reporter for a thematic page will help to expedite the publication of the poems.
Ask the editor or journalist to read your poems and give them a rating. Perhaps he will find in them mistakes, omissions because of which work cannot be published. Let the expert point them out, give advice how to fix this.
If your work criticized to the nines, don't make it painful. Analyze all the errors that you pointed out the expert. Rewrite the verse with all the comments. And let me read it to the specialist again. Your persistence and perseverance will definitely appreciate.
Often since the author brought the poems to the newspaper before publication takes several months. Therefore, remind about yourself as often as possible. Call, ask, when will the next edition of the poetic page, and how soon you will be able to see their poems.