You will need
  • - a thick cloth, preferably cotton;
  • measuring tailor tape;
  • - thread No. 10 in matching fabric;
  • two straps of ribbon;
  • - clasp for strap.
A muzzle for aggressive dogs, worn solely to comply with the letter of the law, it is best to sew from high quality woven material. Pick up the cloth of neutral tones, which is well breathable. Best suited different types of thick cotton cloths.
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Remove the measurements with the muzzle of his dog. When measuring leave a small allowance for a slightly open mouth. First, measure the length of the muzzle from eye level to the tip of the nose. The measurements were performed with a soft tailor's tape at the top of the muzzle, on the sides, then the bottom. Last, measure the distance along the side lines of the muzzle from tip of nose to occipital point on the dog's head. Write down all the measurements.
How to make a muzzle himself
Draw a pattern for the future of the muzzle. Best if it would consist of individual strips of width 0.5–1 cm, depending on the thickness of the muzzle of your dog.
How to make a muzzle himself
In accordance with the measurements and a pattern, cut the material the desired number of fabric strips of width 4 times larger than the desired width of the stripes of the muzzle. Each strip fold the first two times so that both ends looked inside. Then again fold in half, leaving the inside raw strips of the border fabric. Sew the folded strip at a distance of 1-2 mm from the open edge. One detail for a muzzle ready.
How to make a muzzle himself
Proceed in the same way all parts of your dog's muzzle. Then sew them together according to your pattern. Seams perpendicular to the connection strips touch the boundaries around the intersection, and optionally, diagonally.
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Take a strap of ribbon that you want to fix the muzzle on the dog's head. One of the two straps from one side to sew the clasp. The second strap also make one side of the hole in the center, which will buckle fixed clasp. Holes tight panel thread to prevent raveling of the fabric strap. In accordance with the measurements, leave the straps of desired length, to be able to freely fasten the muzzle on the dog's head. The rest of the straps cut. Sew straps-webbing loose ends to the sides of the muzzle.
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All the muzzle is ready. Try it on the dog and fasten at back with a clasp. You can safely go with a pet in a public place.
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