Take the receipt sent to you from the housing Department, and familiarize yourself with their content. Learn the structure and order of calculation of payments for servicing of the dwelling. So, for an ordinary apartment building utilities includes:
- a fee for the repair and maintenance of premises (including repair and overhaul and maintenance, located in collective use);
- cost for utilities (cold and hot water, heating;
- a charge for electricity;
- payment for gas supply.
For houses with stove heating and/or connected to the gas communication in the bill includes services for the supply of solid fuel and/or with cooking gas cylinders.
If you are a member of the HOA, pay attention to the order of payments (contributions) in the so-called reserve Fund. Usually a payment schedule of contributions is established at a General meeting of members TSZH in accordance with its Charter. Check the documents confirming the correctness of these charges at the President of the Association.
Call specified in the payment receipts or contact the housing Department. Learn the rules and the terms of payment on utility bills.
If by telephone or in ZHEU you are unable to provide all the necessary information, please contact the office of the company, involved in providing services or accepting utility payments. If necessary, present your passport and/or other evidence confirming your eligibility for use of municipal services.
If the amount indicated in the receipts for payment of communal services were unreasonably high and in case of default by the company of its obligations under the facilities, make a claim. Specify in the text of the claim in your comments and suggestions to the charges and the work of the organization providing services. Leave it in the housing Department. If your comments are only related to the quality of services rendered, send the claim to the organisation responsible for the provision, by registered letter.
Contact your local Department of housing Inspectorate and the CPS, if in ZHEU, and in companies engaged in the provision of services, your claim has been rejected.