You will need
  • Payment card;
  • The electronic wallet;
  • Internet banking
Payment services through the Internet is the most convenient way. No need to stand in line, fill out all the details, spend a lot of time on it. Almost all Russians have access to the network. But why the payment of the utilities is still a rarity rather than the rule?
The first reason is lack of knowledge. Many users do not have information on how to do it.
The first method is Internet banking. This technology of online service. This system will allow you to use the many services your credit organization, not even coming into the office.

At the moment, almost every Bank allows you to pay for utilities. Consider the example of "Sberbank"because Bank cards of this Bank are almost everyone. Another name for this service - "Sberbank Online". To pay, you need a card ( Maestro, Visa). The first step is to connect service "Mobile Bank" it is possible to confirm operations. Next you need to obtain the identification number and password. Registration is complete, you can log in to your account and enter in the section "Operation".
The electronic payment system. To pay for services is also possible with the help of electronic payment systems such as WebMoney, QIWI-purse, Yandex money. How this is done using Yandex purse? First, you must be logged in to your account and go to the "Money" . A vast array of services, select "Receipt". After you open this page, choose "Gas" or "Receipt". After clicking on "Receipt" window opens with a form of payment. It is important to enter the name, account number and other details. To confirm your details, enter the payment password. Money for payment received within 3-4 working days.
The portals services. For today to use this system only to residents of Kazan, Moscow and Sochi. To begin this system, you must register on the website, you can do so by submitting an application and receiving a confirmation. For payment you may need a Bank card.
Payment cards. For those who prefer to pay by card, you can use the service "". They provide the opportunity to pay with cards. Advantage of this system is that funds are credited instantly, they have a convenient interface and a variety of services for payment. The website has a mobile version that greatly simplifies its use, you can pay utility bills, from any location.