Insert the card into the self-service machine and enter your PIN. Click the "Forward" or "Next". Select the menu "bill Payment" or "Payments". When you unfold the list of available payment services, click in the paragraph "Utilities". The window refreshes, the input box with the receipt number. It is necessary to rewrite the document you came from the field "Code". Confirm your action click Next.
Fill in three fields: "payer ID", "Payment period" and "Amount/payment option". In the first box you need to re-enter data from the field "Code" in the receipt - in the second field the digits to enter the sequence number of month, third – the amount that is specified in the receipt for payment. Check the correctness of filling in each field and click "Pay". Take card and receipt confirming the payment for housing services through the ATM.
In some cases, in the ATM menu may contain additional fields to fill in. So there is another option: after selecting "Utilities" device self-service displays a list for selecting the recipient of the payment. Click on the "payment on a single payment document". Then indicate, using the appropriate buttons, whether included in the payment for voluntary insurance. And only after this you will proceed to enter the remaining data (payer code, period and payment amount).
If you have access to a personal account at the Bank to make the payment in favor of the utilities you'll be able, sitting at a computer. The fields are the same. The only difference is that you don't have to find an ATM and insert the card in it. Also you do not get a check, but the information about the completed payment will remain in the history of card transactions in your account, you will be able to print a copy of the payment order.