1. How to pay your rent with e-wallet

One who works via the Internet, knows such payment systems as Yandex-money, Web-money," etc. This is a very convenient way to receive payment for the work from the customer on the exchange of freelancing or copywriting. And the money can be spent on the payment receipts of utility providers, Internet. Most service companies have already contracted with many popular payment systems to make it easier and faster to pay.

To pay the rent, simply go to the payment section of your wallet and to choose your service provider (the exact name indicated on the receipt), enter the amount and confirm the payment with a password. Transaction history and their unique number is stored in a special section of the personal Cabinet of the user, so that, if necessary, to prove the fact of payment is very simple.

2. How to pay your rent with a credit card from the comfort of home

If you receive a salary or fees for card payment receipts, received from the utility providers, you don't have to leave the house. Connect to the online banking system. There you will get a personal account in which you will see transaction history, get the opportunity to transfer money to individuals and organizations from your account. The system is also very easy to rent. Moreover, many banks also released a free app for working with account via smartphone.

Useful tip: rent an apartment or room to a private person, you can also take in the ways outlined above if such option is written in the lease and the owners have the account in the payment system or Bank card.