You will need
  • phone;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • in some cases, a passport.
Phone organizations providing you certain services, utilities management company, the suppliers of heating, electricity, water, gas, the operator of the landline telephone) and receiving payments (one organization often accepts payment in favor of other suppliers) can be seen on expose accounts or you see the housing office. Many management companies and municipal organizations need post phone numbers in prominent places: the hallways, the Bulletin boards.

If you have a organization website need phones usually are also listed on it.

You are required to call the contact number to call address, phone number or other identifier and to ask about debt. If it is available to inform you amount, term, and payment methods.
You can also visit the office of the company, rendering services, or accept payments for the benefit of vendor, and refer to specialists. You will also have to give them the address or phone number (the phone company) or another identifier accepted there.

In some to get the right information, you will have to present a passport.
The opportunity to learn about the outstanding utility bills through the Internet depends on the region. In most it is not, however, there are exceptions.

In Moscow it is possible to know about their debt for utility payments through the website of "Bank of Moscow" under "the Rent" (, but you need to know your payee code for phone - in your account on the SSA website (username is a landline phone, the password can be obtained by calling the company or contacting her office), for the light - by SMS that you want to send the number provided on the website Mosenergosbyt.

In Chelyabinsk you need to issue a special free card.