The first option is to pay for public services through the Bank card of "Sberbank". To do this, connect the service, which is called the "Sberbank online". This service allows you to make payments through the Internet in the personal Cabinet on the website of the Bank. You can use your existing card, and to issue specially designed for making payments on the Internet. To activate the service, visit one of the Bank branches, it is necessary to have a passport.
Next, insert the card into one of the ATMs and print on the receipt the identification number, permanent password and a list of one-time passwords to make payments. In addition, you can connect the service "Mobile banking", which will receive not only sms messages about the status of the account, but one-time passwords.
Launch the computer Internet browser, and navigate to find the link "Sberbank online" (with orange background) and click it, or just go to This is the page of myalpari. In the appropriate fields enter the ID and the permanent password that you have printed on the receipt in the ATM. On the next page you will see a list of cards and the number of funds available to them. Click on pay bills utilities and click it. Enter the required payment details, click on "Remember me" next time do not enter the data again. Make payment.
Another option is payment through the online services of payment systems, for example, "Yandex.Money." Go to Click on the link "Pay" and the section "Payment receipts", select "utilities" and then "Payment receipts". Carefully enter the required information in the appropriate fields, enter the amount of the ongoing payment. Then again recheck the entered data and click "Pay". On next page enter your payment password to complete the operation.