You will need
  • phone;
  • - bill for services of the operator;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Contact telephone numbers of the operator providing you the services of fixed telephone communications, you can visit their website or the bill for those same services.
On the website, this information may be present in the FAQ section, or section for subscribers, and often on the main page.
To inform about the status of account operator can automatically. In this case you will need switch your phone to tone dialing and follow the instructions of autoinformer.
If you are a responsible employee of the operator company, call him his phone number and inform about the desire to learn about debt.
When you visit the office of the operator is usually enough to call a phone number and let us know you want to learn about debt. In some cases, you may need a passport.
If the operator provides the opportunity to learn about debt on its website, usually you need to have there personal account. For example, the site of MGTS username is a phone number and get a pin code for authentication when logging in to your personal account, call number listed on the website or by contacting any office of the company. Information about debt will be available after authorization in the personal Cabinet.