Advice 1: How to calculate the rent

Sooner or later, but every person that pays for utilities of the apartment, concerned about "how it is possible to calculate the rent and what it is?". It turns out that a receipt for payment do not include all the important points of housing and communal services.
How to calculate the rent
You will need
  • Knowing the square footage of the apartment, as well as the amount of benefits provided to you utilities.
Payment for utilities and expenses on this occasion all the occupants of the house depend on the square footage of each apartment. Also here take into account the presence of elevators, vnutripuzyrnogo house and street lighting. The calculation can take the territory adjacent to the entrance, which is guarded, i.e., the safety glass in the Windows of the houses, in some cases even considered a front yard.

The payment also includes indicators of gas, water and electricity, which is multiplied by the number of the registered residents in the apartment. But if the house was created by the partnership, then the payment terms they negotiate between themselves.
Also, the payment may include services that are not served account of measuring devices. That is the standard rate for the service multiplied by the number of people staying in this apartment.

All costs for replacement of lamps, degraded, glass and window frames in the entrances and the heating system in the entrance is already included in the rent.
In order to change the course of payment for utilities, residents of the house unite in a homeowners Association (HOA). Residents, the HOA can set the size of the required payments in a month, of course, after the joint decision. They can set the fees for the following services:

- cleaning house and intra-house territory;

- current or major repairs of the house;

- repair of systems of heating, water and electricity;

- renovation of the gas network;

- Elevator operation, and removal of solid waste.

Advice 2 : How to calculate the tariffs for housing and communal services

Quite often this situation occurs, it is necessary to count the calculations of the management company assessed you payments housing. In managing companies in error or even malice can charge you a fee in excess of established rates or standards. This will require recalculation.
It is important to know how to calculate the tariffs for housing and communal services!
In many receipt on payment of services of housing and communal services still appears the column "hiring". It should be noted that the fee for this column only applies if the municipal housing and does not belong to you. If you privatized apartments, the fee for this graph you don't need. Please contact the accounting Department of the management company with the relevant documents. There must immediately relieve you of the obligation to pay for it.
The next section – "payment for the maintenance and repair" of your apartment. It is calculated according to the rate that was selected at the conclusion of the contract with the management company. The size of this fee is specified in the documents and shall not be changed without the consent of the residents.
In the column "heating" needs to act in a special norm. The ratio is calculated on the basis of the indicators set by the Regional tariff Service or the local administration. All these data should be made freely available their also provides you with the management company. Also, if the home is a special equipment for heat metering, then heating is charged only at the rate according to heat consumption. The situation is similar to the calculation of cold and hot water. If no meters, the fee for them is calculated according to standards established by the local administration. If the metering devices are charged according to the consumed volume of water.
For homeowners ' associations and owners of private buildings the tariff for utilities is equal to the rate provider, that provides data services to consumers. But in this case, the heating rate will consist of amounts approved by the regional tariff Service in your area. In the case of water, it will be the same. As for the clients of management companies, the size of the tariff for the HOA and the private sector will establish a local administration. For verification of numbers you will have to fold calculated according to the rates or regulations the figures for the counts regarding your living space and the number registered in the apartment. If the result converges, then everything is fine. If not, you should be sure to look into the accounts of the management company and ask for a recalculation.

Advice 3 : How to calculate utilities

The amount for utilities imposed by local authorities or government. In order to calculate the amount, in each case, it is necessary to know the rates.
How to calculate utilities
You will need
  • calculator;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - fountain pen.
Utilities consist of many factors. In receipts on payment of utility services is always a type of payment and the amount that is charged for this service. The first paragraph specifies the contents and repair of the dwelling. The rates are in the tariff Committee of the particular city. In this type of payment include: apartment building management, maintenance, current repairs of common property in an apartment house, cleaning the land, clearing garbage disposal, Elevator maintenance and intra house systems of gas supply. These fees are not dependent on the number of guests.
The number of registered residents will have an impact in charging for water and gas in case the consumption is calculated by the management body. If meters are installed, payments are not included in the total receipt. In this case, the payments for use of natural resources are carried out on separate receipts, and the number of people in this housing will not be considered. Electricity usage is also charged separately.
The rent depends on the occupied area. Citizens are charged fees for the possession of area in excess of the standards. For single rate - 33 m2 for two people - 42 m2, for 3 or more - 18 m2 of total area on each member of the family. When accounting for housing are not considered unheated space - loggias and balconies. But a bath with a toilet will be considered.
You can save on utilities if the apartment for some time no one lived. Utilities for downtime will not be charged. To confirm the absence, and a recalculation is necessary to provide documents to the accounting Department. For example, traffic tickets will confirm that for some time you were vacation and accommodation is not used.
Pay TV and radio provided in the "other expenses". To reduce utility bills you can disable unnecessary services in companies responsible for their supply.
Utility bills are charged in the accounting Department and transferred to the management company. Knowing the existing rates, you can check the calculations.

Advice 4 : How to calculate the tariff for hot water

In the summer, very often urban residents are without hot water. Can I claim compensation and allocation for the time, yet people did not use any heating or hot water? As generally calculated, how much is necessary to pay for hot water?
How to calculate the tariff for hot water
All tariffs for utility services are set at the level of local government. If you are not satisfied with how much you pay, ask for explanations to local officials. Also for calculating the cost of a cubic meter of water is affected by the number of plants in your region.
The calculation of the cost of hot water under the formula:

P= N* n*T, where

R – the size of a payment for hot water

N – Norm of heat consumption

n – the Number of people registered in the apartment

T – the tariff for thermal energy

This formula is valid only in case if the apartment is not installed meters for hot and cold water. However, if your counters are, the fact is not taken into account the average standard of consumption and the number of the persons, and the amount of water consumed in cubic meters. The cost per consumed cubic meter of hot water set by the water utility and city Council. This information is published in the media and, in addition, the cost of one cubic meter of water can be seen in the receipts for the rent.
Heating is charged based on data from instruments, surveys – common parts or standards of consumption. Also takes into account the total area of the apartment, which includes the area unheated spaces such as balconies. Indications common to the whole house metering device is divided into 12 months, so heating costs are specified in receipts for the entire year, including during the summer. The norm of energy consumption calculated and based on the type of building, so the two apartments of the same area may have different cost of heating.
If, due to preventive or other works you turned off the hot water, write an application to the water utility and ask to recalculate. Interestingly, the recalculation will be done only if you will declare, and if not – fee will be charged as usual for a full month, even if hot water was gone for two weeks.

Advice 5 : How to calculate a subsidy

Housing subsidy is available to all Russian citizens who have to pay for public services expended amount is more than 22% of the total family income. The subsidy is available not only to homeowners but also to tenants of municipal facilities. For subsidies should contact the Department of social protection at the place of residence.
How to calculate a subsidy
You will need
  • A statement on the granting of subsidies;
  • The document on the right of ownership or tenure;
  • Certificate on family composition;
  • Income of all family members;
  • Documents of the right to benefits;
  • Copies of passports of all family members;
  • Marriage certificate (on termination);
  • Savings book;
  • The receipt on payment of utilities for the last month.
Count the income of all family members. Subtract the income of "natural" benefits. Summarize all costs for utilities.
Compare your income with the cost of housing. If the cost amount exceeds 22% of the total family income then you are eligible for a subsidy.
Gather all the information and copies of documents. Write a statement about housing subsidies in the Department of social protection of population.
To calculate the size of the grant necessary, from the payment for utilities and rent to take away the maximum allowable regional budget payment for housing. The total amount is a subsidy.
The abolition of subsidies are possible: the non-payment of rent within three months, increased family income, the move.
Useful advice
The grant is for six months, at the end of last month collect a new package of documents, or paying to stop.

Income is considered wages, pensions, alimony, unemployment benefits, benefits for child care.

Advice 6 : How to get a grant for the rent

The subsidy for housing and communal services is a social support of needy layers of the population, which guarantees article 159 ZHK the Russian Federation and RF Government resolution No. 761 of December 14, 2005. Additionally, the grant reglamentary regional laws which provide criteria of poverty and the number of residential buildings, for payment of which you can get public assistance. To arrange a grant, you need to contact the district service for social support of the population and to submit the documents.
How to get a grant for the rent
You will need
  • -statement
  • -passport
  • -birth certificate
  • -pension certificate
  • -student ticket
  • -proof of income
  • -information on cubic capacity
  • -legal documents on housing
  • -certificate about absence of arrears of rent
  • -excerpt from the book
  • -extract account
  • -certificate of family composition
  • -photocopies of all documents and certificates certified by the housing Department
  • -account number of the savings Bank
Depending on the region of residence of their right to a grant, you will need to confirm every 6 or 12 months. For example, in Moscow this right is confirmed every 12 months, in the Altai region – every 6 months. Almost all regions are eligible for state support are families in which payment for services of housing and communal services exceed 22% of total income. The amount of aid depends on family income and effective interest rate, which eats up the rent from the family budget.
The Department of social protection of the population need to submit a certificate of income of all family members, statement, passport of all family members, birth certificate for all children an extract from the house register, a statement of accounts, title documents for housing. Also need help on the cubic capacity of the apartment and the lack of debt for the rent.
If the subsidy is turning unemployed citizens, need to submit proof that the unemployed are in employment and looking for work, as well as information on the amount of unemployment benefits.
Pensioners need to submit pension certificate and a certificate of pensions issued by the pension Fund. For students – student ID and proof of scholarship issued by the school.
In each region of assistance provided on the cubic that matches the standards of accommodation for one person. The entire area will have to pay in full.
Terms of consideration of statements and documents can be different, depending on the region the answer can be given 10-30 days. The amount of allocated funds will be determined by the Commission based on the submitted documents.
The monthly subsidy will be received to the account of the adult household member most often responsible tenant or owner. So the funds were transferred must show the number of the account opened in Sberbank.
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