You will need
  • Knowing the square footage of the apartment, as well as the amount of benefits provided to you utilities.
Payment for utilities and expenses on this occasion all the occupants of the house depend on the square footage of each apartment. Also here take into account the presence of elevators, vnutripuzyrnogo house and street lighting. The calculation can take the territory adjacent to the entrance, which is guarded, i.e., the safety glass in the Windows of the houses, in some cases even considered a front yard.

The payment also includes indicators of gas, water and electricity, which is multiplied by the number of the registered residents in the apartment. But if the house was created by the partnership, then the payment terms they negotiate between themselves.
Also, the payment may include services that are not served account of measuring devices. That is the standard rate for the service multiplied by the number of people staying in this apartment.

All costs for replacement of lamps, degraded, glass and window frames in the entrances and the heating system in the entrance is already included in the rent.
In order to change the course of payment for utilities, residents of the house unite in a homeowners Association (HOA). Residents, the HOA can set the size of the required payments in a month, of course, after the joint decision. They can set the fees for the following services:

- cleaning house and intra-house territory;

- current or major repairs of the house;

- repair of systems of heating, water and electricity;

- renovation of the gas network;

- Elevator operation, and removal of solid waste.