Billing. It is the name of the settlement system without a single payment document. To pay for utilities you just need to go to any office of the savings Bank of the Russian Federation and to tell your payee code. It consists of 10 digits and is found in the upper right corner of the ENP. The cashier called the amount of accrued payment and issue receipt payment.
Paying utility bills through the terminal. In most stores, subways and other places today, installed machines that allow a few seconds to pay in cash for the Internet, mobile communication, digital television and utilities. In order to make rent, you need in the appropriate "Windows" to dial the code of the payer and specify the amount of payment. In many terminals for these actions the Commission is taken - an average of 3-5 percent. The machine does not give change, but the extra money will go in payment for future months. Most importantly do not forget to check, because if the system happens to fail and the payment fails, it can be presented to the operators settlement centre as proof.
ATMs. If you are a holder of a plastic card, it can help to pay your rent through ATM. The payment scheme is exactly the same as described above when using a payment terminal. The difference is that cash is not required - the required amount the ATM takes a plastic card.
The funds are debited from the account. This method is one of the most convenient methods of payment for housing and communal services. However, you can use it only if you have public Bank account. Complete the appropriate order, and each month your account will be debited the required amount for payment of utilities. The Bank will learn by yourself how much money you need to pay. Important observe one condition - maintain a positive account balance. Payment is made automatically, while the Bank no Commission for the transfer of money does not take. Also, at your request, the credit institution in case of change of tariffs will automatically adjust the size of the payment. And by personally visiting offices, you can obtain confirmation of the listed amounts.
Payment of utility services via the Internet. You must register in any system of electronic payments. Many companies today allow you to sign contracts, conduct transactions and transfer money with the help of means of electronic communication. Choose a system that suits you best, go to her personal account, and you have the opportunity to pay utility bills at home through the computer. Money on the electronic account can be credited through the purchase of prepaid cards, cashless transfer or cash. The most popular payment system Yandex-Money. Payment received within three days, the fee is not charged.
Also to pay for the services of housing and communal services in any branch of mail of Russia and in most phone stores.