Before you pay utility bills through the savings Bank Online, view, are you registered in the system. Connect to this payment system, as well as mobile banking and other related services agreed in the contract, which client concludes with Sberbank before opening the main account and getting a debit or credit card. Longtime clients of the savings Bank may for a long time to stay connected to online services.
Go to Sberbank Online on the link bellow and click on the registration button. Prepare a mobile phone and Bank card to fill the fields with your personal data. Receiving the SMS the login and password, enter them in corresponding fields on the main page of the site. You may also need to enter a special one-time verification code to enter the system.
You can pay utility bills through Sberbank Online, via the menu "Transfers and payments", to go to which is at the top of the website. The newly opened page scroll down to the section "Payment for goods and services." Please note that the default is displayed here for your region, and make payment only to those companies that have offices here. Just below will be links to quickly access the "utilities" and "Rent". Click on the last of them.
Select your management company from the list. If you can't find the right name, enter it in the upper search box. Find out early in your UK whether it is included in the list of service providers that support payments through Sberbank Online. Fill in all the details, including the name of the service, personal account of resident, period of payment and the exact amount charged to your primary card account. Confirm the transaction through a one-time code sent to your mobile number. Immediately after the procedure is completed, the screen will display an electronic receipt that can be printed on the case, if for some reason the translation will not be implemented in time.
The ability to pay utility bills is available not only Online savings but also electronic banking systems, for example, Alfa-Click. You can personally visit the nearest branch of the savings Bank and to pay the rent receipt. This same procedure is available in most modern ATMs and POS terminals.