Even in the winter every cottager had planned usable area of your suburban area. Thought and distributed, where are the beds under different cultures. An important aspect is the compatibility of the various crops in the area. Not knowing this, you can avoid some big mistakes during landing. Some plants help each other in protecting from pests the garden, while others inhibit the growth and development and lead to premature death. Therefore, the question of the compatibility of plants is very important.

How to combine grapes with vegetable crops?

Pest of grapes is the cabbage, onions. Never put them side by side. You can combine grapes, beans, radishes, corn, potatoes.

Than working with peas?

Next to the peas are good to plant cucumbers. There's a scientific explanation. On the roots of leguminous plants nitrogen-fixing bacteria, they absorb from the air the nitrogen, which is beneficial to the quality of the soil and nearby plants were planted. Cucumbers are very useful nitrogen.

Than working with potatoes in the garden?

Very well established the location of the potato and many vegetable crops. Feels great next to the potatoes with cauliflower, different varieties of salads, radishes.

But the potato is very susceptible to the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle. To protect the crop, it is recommended that near the bed of potatoes to plant flowers such as marigolds, nasturtiums. And if you put next to tansy, this combination of 100% will protect potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle.

Incompatible potatoes with tomatoes. Although these cultures belong to the same family – Solanaceae, but these crops are more vulnerable to blight, so the door can lead to plant death.

What vegetable crops tomato compatible? Not only with potatoes and tomatoes is not compatible, but with fennel, kohlrabi and fennel. To improve the taste of tomatoes can be planted next to the Basil and Melissa. Difficult to answer, is it possible to plant next to cucumbers and tomatoes. Here you should experiment and is based on my own experience, to watch, preferably if such a neighborhood.

These tips can be taken only as recommendations. Long before the planting season should have a table in which for convenience should be laid out, successfully placed all vegetables, which are scheduled for planting.