You will need
  • computer;
  • the Internet;
  • the personal account number.
The first and necessary thing, without which, perhaps, is not feasible, any payment online – credit card, or its equivalent – the virtual card. Before you pay make sure about the positive cash balance.
A housing Department and Dezy are in the electronic development, and therefore many of them got their own Internet resources with features of payment of payments for the apartment. Go to the website of the management company, find the necessary section. It is usually called "Online payment services" or "Payment kom. services through the Internet."
Entering this section, you will be prompted to enter the subscriber account, which can be found in the receipts. As well as the amount of the required payment and credit card number. Entering all the data the system will check the correctness of the information and will bring you a positive or negative charge.
Many banks offer their cardholders and Deposit accounts to pay for utility services in a private office. For this you need to visit the Bank's website, enter the username and password in the personal Cabinet and choose the tab "Utilities", which opens the list of utilities. After selecting, you will only have to enter the payment amount, and after a while the money will be credited to the management company.
You can also use one of the most popular payment systems on the network. For example,,, Selecting utilities payments, you must enter the account the recipient's company and your subscriber number. The amount debited from your payment card.