For the convenience of taxpayers now all utilities except electricity and use landline can be calculated with a single payment document (ENP). This document is created in the unified information and settlement centres (EIRTS) and is in mailboxes in the mid of every month. It gives calculations for the previous month.
Also, the ENP can be obtained, and using the Internet in that case, if you for any reason do not use your physical mailbox. This can be done on the official website gku "the Center of coordination of GU is" ( – in that case, if you have a username and password to log in to your personal account. However, if you have this information, you can get them in the passport.On the site click on the tab "my account" on the next page, enter your username and password, and select the County. At the top of the page you will open a menu of three items-images: "to the ENP", "Hot water", "Cold water". Click on the first picture, then in the relevant fields, select a month (e.g., December), year (e.g., 2011) and document type ("Regular"). Click on the "Save"button.
In the opened browser window select a location on your computer where you want to save the file. The file will be saved in PDF format to view you will need Adobe Reader if any other reading PDF files.
To make a payment by ENP via the Internet in several ways. First of all, the online banking system, this method can be used if your Bank provides this service. Certain banks (particularly Sberbank) at the same time take Commission. To pay for the ENP through an online Bank, you need to enter the code of the payer (it is listed in the ENP, it you are using by going to your account on the website, month and amount of payment. Some online banks, the amount is displayed automatically.
You can also pay the ENP through the system of electronic payments. Register in the payment system (Yandex.Money, WebMoney, etc.) and make the money on the account – this can be done using the card or payment terminal. After this you can pay for housing and utility receipts. Keep in mind that some electronic payment systems remove the Commission for payment of utilities, in particular, Yandex.Takes the money from each payment of 2% of the amount.