You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • receipt.
Call the Bank and find out whether you can pay for the services of housing and communal services through their ATMs, whether taken by the Commission and do this for the plastic card. If the management company and other organizations providing housing services, has signed an agreement with the Bank about the possibility of payment by the population of their services without Commission, you can use the ATM.
For payment via ATM, insert your card, then enter the pin code. If the card is not required or it is not, then click on the screen that says "cash". Click "Next". In the menu that appears, find the line "Payment services" and then "Utilities". Enter in the opened window, in the "bill number" payer code (code be on the receipt). Go to another page, clicking the "Next" button. Possible program the ATM will prompt you to repeat the code for payer identification. Enter the month of payment numbers and amount. Click "Pay". Exit the program and obtain a receipt.
The second method of payment for utilities with no Commission – payment via the Internet. For this you can log on to any website which can be found when typing in the search words: "Payment for utilities with no Commission". Better if it is the website of public services or the Bank where you are treated like an individual. Such sites are designed almost the same for the user's convenience. Register and get access to your personal account. On the page from the list of companies choose the one which you want to transfer money without Commission. Select the button or the string "Payment of utilities". Then on the opened page, in the search bar type the city name or select it from the list. Found among organizations select, then the method of payment, which will not be charged Commission. Enter the payment amount, date and receipt number. And if you agree with the terms of the offer, which offer almost all of the sites in this format, then click "terms of the offer agreed" and "make a payment". Print the cheque.
Another way to pay utilities without Commission – a payment in cash of the organization. Call back and find out about nearby offices, where they can come and pay for utility services without Commission. Complete the receipts and pay them directly in cash or mobile units of the organization that provides services of housing and communal services.