He graduated from the University majoring in "jurisprudence" (regardless of specialization). It often happens that in the process of training students for the acquisition of practical skills offered to work in Junior positions with the tax authorities. Show yourself as a diligent and responsible worker, and, it is likely that after graduation you will be invited already for a permanent job, for the post of Junior inspector (or similar)..
Please read the competition announcements published in the media and on the Internet (for example, on the website of the Federal tax service in your area). Determine whether your candidacy is all such requirements. The summary give only reliable information, since in any case all candidates for positions in state institutions are subject to mandatory verification.
Before applying for the contest, prepare all documents, namely:

- a certified copy of the passport;
- a certified copy of the diploma;
- a certificate from the Department of internal Affairs of no criminal record;
- certificate confirming the absence of debts on payment of taxes;
- medical certificate about absence of contraindications for work;
- 2 photographs 3×4 (for the questionnaire and to the personal file);
- a statement.
Competition on replacement of vacant posts in government agencies usually takes place in 2 stages. The first phase will reviewed your documentation (within one month). And here is the second stage of the competition will have to prepare, as the interview will take place in the form of a normal conversation with a candidate, and in the form of tests on knowledge of legislation. Even if you have experience in other public institutions, this does not relieve you from mandatory testing.
Within one month from the day of the test interviews you will be informed about the results of the competition.