You will need
  • -certificate of no criminal record;
  • request information centers of the Ministry of interior;
  • -passport;
  • -application for issuance of certificate of no criminal record.
Information about the criminal record of a person residing in the territory of the Russian Federation, are stored in the databases of the Main information-analytical center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and its various divisions. Because information about the criminal record relates to restricted information, subject only to the requirements of the competent authorities, operational law enforcement officers and officials. For example, such a request might make the qualification Board of judges for appointment submitted to it of candidates for the post of judge.
When hiring, the company may simply ask the applicant to fill out a questionnaire with the question about the existence of a criminal record. In addition, it is wise in the questionnaire to ask whether it is possible to hold against the applicant the collection and verification of personal information, and ask the person on their own to bring you the certificate of no criminal record.
But keep in mind that under the Labour Code the presence of a criminal record is not a barrier to employment. Although there are a number of positions, to occupy which do not have the rights of a person with a criminal past. It is judges, prosecutors, investigators, law enforcement officers, etc. outright bans on hiring people with a criminal record is established in some Federal laws. They relate, generally in the public service.
At the moment, the order of the Ministry of interior, dated 1 November 2001 № 965 "On approval of the instruction about the order of granting to citizens of certificates of presence (absence) convictions". It includes the procedure for handling applications of citizens of the Russian Federation and persons on the territory of the Russian Federation on the issuance of certificates of presence or absence of a criminal record. Directly statements about the issuance of certificates of good conduct deals with the MIAC Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and information centres of the MVD, GUVD, UVD.
Statements about the issuance of a certificate of no criminal record citizens upon presentation of their passport in the respective structural units of the Ministry of interior (for the place of residence to the authority of the interior Ministry, where your application will be sent to the information centres). Certificate of good conduct issued to the applicant in person against signature and upon presentation of a passport. No demand certificate of no criminal record within 2 months following their consideration are debited with the note "not claimed by the applicant".
If a potential employee does not want to present you a certificate of good conduct, and you yourself to obtain this information have no right to know the information of interest is possible only through personal contacts with law enforcement officers. But that is not particularly advertising this.