Criminal records of all individuals are stored in databases of the Main information-analytical center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and also in information centres of the MVD, GUVD, UVD of the regions of the Russian Federation.
Information about criminal records is highly confidential and could be provided only at the request of the competent authorities, officers or operational staff. Information on cancellation of conviction is public and can be issued on request of a person. To check a criminal record, or rather, her absence of the person hired, there are several ways.
Method the first. Fill in the mandatory questionnaire item indicating the presence or absence of a criminal record. When collecting information from a specific person, ask him a proof of no criminal record. According to the MIA order № 965 "On approval of the instruction about the order of granting to citizens of certificates of presence (absence) convictions" from 01.11.2001 year, every citizen can freely obtain this information. However, according to the instructions, the applicant for obtaining certificate of good conduct required to appear in person with your passport to the information centre of the Ministry of interior, police Department or police Department at the place of residence.
The second way. Submit a request for verification of the candidate in the presence or absence of a criminal record through a private security company. For this purpose issue a request through the personnel Department, who in turn give it to the security service. The security service is an authorized entity, so at her request, the information service of the MVD, GUVD or UVD will provide all the necessary information about requested person.