Contact your local employment center. Most likely are not very prestigious jobs. However, sitting at least for some jobs, you will be able to prove its reliability and gain new experience. Thus it is possible to close the gap in your employment history, which is also often wary employers. Even if you can't find the right job, you can get free courses to obtain unemployment benefits.
If you took non-core workin the first place try to establish itself as a good worker, not too thinking about the payment. Later you can try to find either a job with a degree, or to continue to build a career here. In any case, the positive recommendations will play an important role.
Looking for a small, private firms. Here the staff look not so closely. However if you ask: "was Involved in the past to criminal responsibility?", cheating is not worth it. Because if later it turns out true, it will only hurt your image of the employee. It is better to explain what exactly was the conviction. Perhaps the employer determines that such article is not a hindrance to the job for which you are applying.
Ask for help to relatives and friends. Perhaps they will be able to advise you on a suitable position to their friends. If close friends will vouch for you, it will be a big plus in the eyes of the employer.
Register SP and engage in private enterprise. Most likely you possess any of the skills that will allow you to do this.
Don't waste your time looking for work in the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB and other structures and units related to security. Here will not take the case even if a conviction is extinguished. You will not be able to work in educational or medical institution, if you have not repaid a prior conviction, and the crime was related to violence to life and human health or previous medical or teaching activities.