You will need
  • The car with the engine
  • the documents for the car,
  • cleaning products,
  • flashlight
The first and easiest way to learn the engine number of your car is to look at the documents. In the certificate of registration of the vehicle it needs to be specified. If there is no certificate on vehicle registration, see vehicle registration document. TCP also the engine number should be specified.
If the engine is not in the registration certificate or the passport of the vehicle - look for a sign with a number on the engine, open the hood of your car. Typically, the plate is under the engine oil dipstick.
Often this sign hides a thick layer of dirt. Will clean it off or ask a specially trained person. Such professionals usually have a lot of departments of traffic police. They are willing to provide their services for a very tolerable amount (100 - 200 p.)
If the plate was not in usual place, you need to find the manual that came with the car. If you took a used car without instruction, then the necessary documents will not be difficult to find on the Internet. There is bound to be written, where to find a plate with a cherished number car engine.