To learn such important characteristic, as the volume engine, it is enough to look in the data sheet.
Also the volume can be determined by VIN-code (individual identification number of the vehicle), which can be seen from the bottom of the arch of the driver's door (of course, if the door is open), under the rear seat or directly under the windshield, in the upper left part of the dashboard (in this case, the desired code can only be seen from outside the vehicle).
Some "craftsmen" advise you to Unscrew the plugs and pour water to the eyeballs: how much water fit, this is the volume. It is not necessary to take seriously this advice. Actually it's just an old joke.
If you have a used car, the data from the data sheets may not be true. Who knows, maybe the car was involved in an accident, can the car hold any of the technical work affecting the characteristics of the engine. Maybe it is generally assembled from several vehicles. The volume of the engine in such cases you can define in the following way: on the back of the engine block in large letters can be cast in volume (to watch the pit bottom rear).
But still, the surest way to determine the amount the engine is to check via the VIN code, which was written above. After reading a number of useful tips at you will not arise questions about the important characteristics of the vehicle, as the volume of the engine.