Therefore, the vast majority of cars, SUVs and other urban SUVs , the room the chassis/frame is identical to the body number. And all documents accompanying the vehicle (TCP, registration certificate), there is just the serial number. Find out this number from the corresponding entry in the passport of the vehicle.
In the certificate of registration of the vehicle is duplicated information from the TCP. The chassis number (frame) is specified or missing. In this case, see the chassis number.
Find out the frame number on the VIN-code car. It must be indicated in PTS and the certificate of registration of the vehicle. In addition, the VIN code can be found on the machine. There are several places in which car manufacturers often put signs indicating this code. Look at the driver's seat through the windshield outside the car. Find on the glass designations the VIN. The last 6 digits correspond to the chassis/frame. Or look for the code under the hood, on the rear wall of the engine compartment. If these areas failed to detect the VIN number, there are still options. Look for it on the back beam in a niche of the trunk, door sills. Manufacturers choose the most reliable place for its application, which are less likely to suffer from corrosion and possible accidents.
Look on the Internet resource that can check chassis number VIN code of the car. For example, go to and enter in the appropriate box code number.
The most accurate location of chassis number on your car look in the user Manual.