You will need
  • - vehicle for which you want to determine the year of issue;
  • a computer and an Internet connection.
Find your car VIN number (chassis number). It is every car, and with it, you can learn not only the year of issue of car and engine and other technical details, to its original configuration. Usually the VIN stamped on the car, its point under the hood or elsewhere of cars, but to find it you will also be able to the Datasheet.
Look at the symbol found VIN standing at the tenth position. It will either be a digit or a letter. This symbol is encrypted the year of the car. The letter a indicates that the car was either in 1980 or in 2010. The letter H denotes 1987, N – 1992, P – 1993, R – 1994 V – 1997 J – 1998 year.
If you found in tenth position numbers of a body figure, it means that your car was manufactured after 2000, with which numbering begins. Thus, if the vehicle released in 2003, you will find figure 3. In 2010, the numbering ends, and again uses the letters of the Latin alphabet. But now no longer uses the letters O, Q, U, Y, and Z.
Since each manufacturer is able to encode the year of issue, use one of the better online services. You only need to know the VIN number of the technical passport of the car, and to decipher it will be designed for this service.
You can determine the date of production and other parts of the car. Often it indicate the wires and cables under the hood. Most likely, the windshield has the same year of manufacture as the car, if it has not changed. Look at the number of the windshield. The last two digits indicate the year of manufacture.