The easiest way to run the car on the VIN-code free – to-enter vehicle identification number in any search engine and see the results. If the car is stolen or has been in a serious accident, chances are you know it from traffic police reports or read other information resources. It is also possible, the former owner of the car tried to sell it earlier and could post somewhere for more data about it. In addition, you may be asked to find information about the car users of the popular automotive forums, links to which you'll find below. Among them are former employees of the traffic police and just technical experts, they will assist you using your professional skills.
Please visit Vin Auto to break the car by VIN-code free. Just enter you VIN into the search bar on the home page and you will get information such as year, model and make, body style and engine, country of origin and the records in the AutoCheck system. Please note that the site collects information from other resources that provides information about vehicles and information about some of the VIN codes may be missing partially or completely.
In a car VIN-code can be in the city or district Department of traffic police, but this will need the original registration certificate of the car, containing its identification number. In addition, it is best to drive to the Department of traffic police the car with its owner, to the officers personally inspected the vehicle and believed it with VIN-code, registering in Protocol. After that, the inspectors will verify in its database, figured if the car is in traffic accidents, not whether it's associated with crime and is not secured.
Information on cars purchased abroad, to break free fail. However, there are resources to obtain the necessary information for a symbolic sum, which usually does not exceed 200 rubles. The most popular of which is Carfax. Here you will find information about several billions of cars that were sold in the U.S. and Canada.