You will need
  • - registration certificate of the vehicle.
Inspect purchased the car and arrange with the owner about the price. If the seller assures you that the car was bought on credit, find out the phone number of the salon (on the service book, Handbook or via the Internet) and call. Introduce yourself and indicate that you want to purchase a carthat was bought in the store without a credit. The Manager of the salon, responding to your call will ask you to identify the VIN number of the car and only after that will present you with information about the car.
Take the registration certificate of the vehicle and check on the chassis number that is available to you purchase the car. Check engine number with registration in the traffic police was abolished on 3 April 2011.
If everything is in order, ask the seller to show you documents proving his identity. Rewrite just in case name, series and number specified in the passport. However, if the seller is unwilling to show you the passport, the purchase should be abandoned.
After reviewing the documents the owner will offer him is a purchased car along with you to the nearest traffic police post to check all the data specified in the registration, on the bases of the interior. This will help you to learn, is not whether the vehicle is in the theft. Carefully watch the reaction of the seller, and even if he agreed to ride with you to the traffic police station, do not leave money and valuables in the car at the time, while you will communicate with employees of traffic police.
Put the machine near a post so that her number was clearly visible on duty employees of traffic police. Contact them asking about checking numbers, and other data of vehicle you want to purchase. They should do it for free, but since such a database is always overloaded, you may have to pay a small fee and speed up the queue for review. In the end, if you do not check the car, you can lose hundreds or thousands of times more time and money.
If the car is in databases not listed, but you still somehow doubt, contact a expert-criminalistic Department of internal Affairs in order to check whether a broken number on the back of the machine and not the forged documents. Pay the stamp duty and get the test act. If the car is "clean", then you can feel free to conclude the contract of purchase and sale with his, now former, owner.