Advice 1: How to make an engine without documentation

To renew the engine very often. This situation occurs typically, when a forced replacement of the motor on the car. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation No. 1001 " On the procedure of registration of vehicles," to register or change vehicle data is given five days.
How to make an engine without documentation
The first thing I warn the representatives of the registered bodies in such cases: do not purchase the number units without documents, because their registration is very problematic. To buy the engine legally in a specialty store or from a private individual holding a certificate MOTOTRER (Interdistrict Department of technical inspection of transport and registration and examination work) for the released number units. To buy the engine through a simple transaction of purchase and sale without notarization.
Another viable option is to buy the engine in a thrift store that has a permit, and then get hands on help-account or stamped the contract of sale.
The installation of the purchased engine make on a certified workshop. For registration in STSI present plastic card registration certificate, the title and a copy of your passport and a copy of a valid insurance policy, a certificate account on the engine, the customs Declaration on the motor (if necessary), act of transfer and acceptance received for a HUNDRED, which made the replacement engine, indicating changes in accordance with GOST. You may also need a certified copy of the certificate STO for the right of replacement parts.
The basis for making changes in the design of the car is a statement of the owner in division of traffic police at the place of registration of the vehicle. After consideration of this request, the head of the traffic police unit shall issue a decision specifying the procedure for registration and issuance of the corresponding certificate. If necessary, indicate the need for conclusion on the changes to the design of the car.
Imprisonment is not required if the new engine complies with the vehicle of the same brand and same manufacturer. The submitted documents are the basis for the identification of the vehicle. Having considered the paper, the STSI performs the registration, the registration and issuing the applicant a certificate or refuses to do so.

Advice 2 : How to renew the engine

At statement of the car on accounting in traffic police in a number of identity numbers are used body and engine. Accordingly, when installing the new motor has documented the replacement. It is worth noting that only on the territory of the former CIS engines are numbered and their replacement involves collecting a large number of documents. In Europe, as in America, the engine is just part and easily changed without any bureaucratic delays. How to facilitate and expedite the process of extending engine in Russia?
How to renew the engine
You will need
  • The new engine, a car with a set of records and time to gather all the necessary documents and pay the state fee.
Take the documents to the new engine, including the certificate account and technical documentation. Turn to your police Department at the place of registration of the vehicle. Fill out an application for replacement of the engine in your car. You need to get a resolution on this statement that the traffic police directs you to a certified diagnostic center for examination of a new unit.
Come to the center for diagnosis with the already installed new engine, a statement and documents from STO. STO should pre-mount the engine in your car. The result of this trip should be a conclusion on the compliance of your vehicle the applicable standards. The conclusion is a diagnostic card, which States that the vehicle meets all the requirements, including requirements of safety and fit for use.
Go with all of these documents with the registration authority at the place of registration and become an on site inspection. Next, go through the normal procedure of re-registration of the vehicle. That is, the filing statement, which specifies the reason for re-registration (changing the engine), pass a vehicle inspection, pay the registration fee.
Come to the window of registration of title (passport technical means), where you within 5-10 minutes make in the data sheet new data to your engine.
As in everything connected with the bureaucracy, in the process of renewal of the engine you will have a lot of "well-wishers" who for a modest fee, will agree to spare you from the tedious procedure of renewal. At least you can just lose your money, and at best, can get into the field of view of the police and to be subject to administrative or even criminal liability.
Useful advice
If you have decided on a constructive change in settings of your car by installing a modified engine, you should be as prepared to ensure that bureaucratic delays can greatly slow down the process of renewal. In order to reduce the time for "trips to the offices", it is best to collect as much as possible all sorts of inquiries, conclusions, and results of examinations confirming the legality of purchase of the engine and the possibility of its use on your car. Remember that in this case unnecessary documents do not exist.

Advice 3 : How to remove the engine with the "classics"

The engine VAZ-2101, popularly referred to as "classics", not eternal. Therefore, after a certain mileage you should carry out repairs. In this case, before pulling should remove his head. But this is rarely required, most often the engine removed from the car entirely, without disassembly.
How to remove the engine with the "classics"
You will need
  • key 8;
  • key to 10;
  • key 13;
  • - end head 19;
  • - a chain or rope;
  • - winch or steel pipe;
  • - capacity to drain the oil and coolant.
Take the key 13 and remove the hood, it will facilitate the task. The first step is to Unscrew the six bolts (three each side).
Drain the engine coolant. To do this, substitute a lower radiator hose capacity (8-10 years, better pelvis).
Open the valve of the heater, loosen the pinch clamp on the lower radiator hose and disconnect it from the radiator. As soon as will flow out, open the cap on the expansion tank and, if applicable, on the radiator.
Drain the oil from the crankcase, replacing the container (3) and unscrewing the plug.
Take the key on 10 and Unscrew the three bolts on the air filter and remove the cover. Key 8 remove the four bolts that secure the lower part of the filter to the carb and remove it.
Disconnect the choke cable from the carb with a screwdriver, remove the accelerator lever. Loosen the hose clamp and disconnect the fuel hose from the tank to the fuel pump.
Remove key for 10 bolts that secure the radiator and then pull it out.
Take a socket at 13 and remove the four nuts that secure the muffler to the exhaust manifold. Disconnect from the cylinder head and pump tubes of the heater compartment.
Remove the engine attachments – alternator, distributor, starter, removing the last key 13 three bolts – two on top and one below. Disconnect the plug to the oil sensor and coolant sensor.
Take a head 19 and an elongated key on the bottom of the car Unscrew the four bolts with which the gearbox is mounted to the motor. Place a support under the transaxle.
Disconnect the driveline from the transmission, then from the vehicle body and slide it back to the secondary shaft out of the engine.
Unscrew the top nut of fastening of the engine to the cushions on the front beam. Wind the motor with a rope or chain.
Take out the motor with a winch or by hand. In the latter case, need elevation near the wheels and the belt or chain, insert the steel pipe 50 mm in diameter, the edges of which protrude beyond the dimensions of the machine at 60-100 cm
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