The first thing I warn the representatives of the registered bodies in such cases: do not purchase the number units without documents, because their registration is very problematic. To buy the engine legally in a specialty store or from a private individual holding a certificate MOTOTRER (Interdistrict Department of technical inspection of transport and registration and examination work) for the released number units. To buy the engine through a simple transaction of purchase and sale without notarization.
Another viable option is to buy the engine in a thrift store that has a permit, and then get hands on help-account or stamped the contract of sale.
The installation of the purchased engine make on a certified workshop. For registration in STSI present plastic card registration certificate, the title and a copy of your passport and a copy of a valid insurance policy, a certificate account on the engine, the customs Declaration on the motor (if necessary), act of transfer and acceptance received for a HUNDRED, which made the replacement engine, indicating changes in accordance with GOST. You may also need a certified copy of the certificate STO for the right of replacement parts.
The basis for making changes in the design of the car is a statement of the owner in division of traffic police at the place of registration of the vehicle. After consideration of this request, the head of the traffic police unit shall issue a decision specifying the procedure for registration and issuance of the corresponding certificate. If necessary, indicate the need for conclusion on the changes to the design of the car.
Imprisonment is not required if the new engine complies with the vehicle of the same brand and same manufacturer. The submitted documents are the basis for the identification of the vehicle. Having considered the paper, the STSI performs the registration, the registration and issuing the applicant a certificate or refuses to do so.