Take the car documents that specify the engine serial number. According to this you can easily calculate the capacity of your machine's horsepower. To calculate fold last six digits of this number. Fold in pairs. The result is divide by a steady ratio of 8.5. As a result, you will get a figure equal to the real power of your car "horses".
If you have the opportunity, put the car on a special technological stand (such is usually found in the pits of racing teams and automotive Atelier, are engaged in the alteration and upgrade of machines). By electronics of such a unit will up to 100% to calculate you power your car. And most importantly - it will not take much time.
Compare the numbers in your passport technical means (PTM), with the real is possible with the help of specialized periodicals. To help you different online auto catalogs. Compare that to what technical characteristics are similar to your cars. Just be sure to look at those models that same year with yours, have the similar engine size, etc.
Resort to professional help. In a good an authorized technical center skilled artisans can easily determine the true power of your car. To do this, they carefully examined the car, put it in a special apparatus, etc.
Some craftsmen have tried to determine the power of your car by using real horses. This is bound herd of horses to the car and measured their thrust. How many horses will be needed in order to move the car from the place the power and has a car. Only with this method of measurement should take into account that one horsepower is taken pull 1 horse rising 1 m. and 1 kg. of Such standard measures can be found in Paris at the Museum "weights and Measures".