You will need
  • - the documents of the vehicle;
  • - instructions to the vehicle;
  • - computer with Internet access.
To check the year and exact date of release of the vehicle, use the identification number of the vehicle (VIN).You will be able to find it, first of all, the documents attached to the car. If for some reason, the documents view does not succeed, pay attention to the usual location of the VIN number. In a modern carx identification number is often attached to the top of the torpedo, driver side, near the windshield. Also, the VIN code can be found on the left front pillar or on the motor plate under the hood of the car.
Perepeshite the VIN number and try to find out through the database information about the year of release of the car. In our days this can be done through the Internet. Sites like, and many others will help even without registration to decipher VIN code. The problem, however, is that often the model year indicated in the VIN, does not match the actual date of issue of the vehicle.
Open the hood of the car and find the engine number in which the manufacturer also usually specifies the date of production. If the information obtained as a result of figuring out the engine, again causing issues, you need to find the chassis number of the vehicle.
The serial number of the car must be fixed and use them later for a formal request to the traffic police. The traffic police has an extensive database which will be easy to determine the date of issue of the machine.
If when comparing several sources have yielded conflicting results, check the age of the auto with the study of marking various parts of the machine. Pay attention to the lower part of the safety belt in the cabin, rear shock absorbers, plastic lens taillights. With sufficient probability to determine the correct year of production would help the numbers printed on the glass of the cabin.