You will need
  • The user manual for your car, magnifier, mirror on a stick, flashlight.
First of all it is necessary to say a few words about what is necessary always when buying a car to pay attention to the numbers in the documents to the car coincided with the numbers on the body and a power unit. So you reduce the risk to buy a stolen car. You must also pay attention to the integrity of the identification numbers. They should not be traces of mechanical impact. In the car there are several places where you can find the identification number of the body and engine.
Open the hood of the car and install it on the stop. Over the left Cup you will see the iron plate that is attached to the vehicle body. It says all the information about your machine. With its help, you can learn the numbers of vehicle body and powertrain of your car, the manufacturer, date of manufacture of the car. Pay attention to the integrity of the plate. Usually it is made from a thin leaf of aluminum. Riveting, which she attached to the structure must be the same size and smooth. The sign should be perfectly smooth, with no traces of mechanical action. Otherwise, it is likely that the numbers of the car were killed. If the label is painted over or covered with a layer of rust, then take acetone and clean it.
On the mudguard of the right front fender needs to be embossed vehicle identification number. However, it may not be if the fenders were changed or removed. Also the fenders can be deformed so that the room will not be read. On the floor of the Luggage compartment, you can find embossed a duplicate identification number of the car. Directly number the power unit stamped on the cylinder head. It is usually located above the oil filter. The location of the accommodation of the power unit can be found in the manual of this car. To see the room, you need to use a flashlight and a mirror which is put on a stick. Pay attention to the room. All numbers and letters must be the same size. The edges must be perfectly smooth. The depth should be the same. If the room is shaded or corroded, you should clean up this place before metal.