Why you need the services of MTS "the Prohibition of content"

Inappropriate content causes a lot of inconvenience and unpleasant experience for subscribers. Messages from short numbers are often quite annoying and can distract from the important things. But if you accidentally or unknowingly call the short number, it could face significant financial losses. Often in the trap of paid services children, which in the future will have to pay their parents.

All major carriers have service that is designed to restrict access to information and entertainment services. Is no exception and MTS. It allows you to connect service "the Prohibition of content." After that, the subscriber will not be available the possibility of sending SMS and calls to short paid numbers. This will help to protect it from the actions of Internet fraudsters who, under the pretext of imaginary subscription or confirmation, "you're not a robot" can write off the balance of the subscriber a lot of money. The internal services will continue to operate normally. On MTS site presents a complete list of numbers, which are not subject to lock when connected to the service.

How to activate MTS "the Prohibition of content"

To connect this service you can call the operator by 0890 room, or in the sales office of MTS contacting the specialist customer service. Subscription is free, no monthly fees not provided. You can also write an application for disconnection to the email address of the support service. The menu online assistant today, the service connection is not provided.

By the way, companies have the opportunity to learn the cost of sending SMS to short number. You have to enter it in a special form of search.

If you have received a spam message advertising, you can always complain to the service provider. For this you can forward text messages to email address 911@mts.ru or forward it without making any changes to 6333.

If you for any reason decide to refuse this service, then again, you should contact the operator or to the office of MTS. Seating is also available in the Internet assistant in a private office. If the subscriber decides to change the tariff plan at the corporate, the option will turn off automatically.

To block unwanted SMS without resorting to assistance of MTS. So many phones today have a "blacklist". Can also block SMS messages from short numbers antivirus installed.