Do not try to bypass the service "CLIR" with the help of various programs. In fact, the real working software that is intended for this purpose, simply does not exist, due to the fact that an incoming call with hidden number this information from the base station is not received on the phone. If you anyone offers such software, then the Creator of this app just wants to sell the empty or set to a mobile Trojan or virus, or to do both.
If you use the services of the "MegaFon" connect option called "Supereon". It works, though not in all regions of the Russian Federation, and the subscription fee for it is high (for example, 1,500 rubles monthly). To connect, dial on your phone USSD-dial *502#. In the future, to disconnect, enter command: *502*4#. Don't forget to consider that number is reliably determined only when the incoming call within the network. When calling a subscriber of another mobile operator, or if the call comes from user "MegaFon" only other region, the number may not be determined.
Subscribers of the cellular company "Beeline" can use a paid service with the name "Super caller ID". "Beeline" debits the cost for the use of the option not monthly, but every day, in the amount of fifty rubles per day. At the end of the month will be about 1500 rubles. For connecting a "Super caller ID", please, dial *110*4161#, and to disable the combination - *110*4160#. The service provides information about the hidden numbers of all networks, however some local numbers may not be determined.
For users of mobile operator MTS is proposed to use the option that bears the same name as that of "MegaFon" - "Super caller ID". While connected with the mobile account as a lump sum payment will be deducted 2,000 rubles, in the future, daily will be charged additionally for 6.5 rubles per day. Subscribers with tariff plan "Cool" will not be able to connect to this service at all. Also keep in mind that she has trouble with some models of phones. The guaranteed option specifies the numbers of the same area and identification of any other may not be. To enable or disable "Super" caller ID dial on your phone USSD command: *111*007#. The screen shows a menu in which select the appropriate option, and connect or disconnect service.