Go to work. It is useless to spend time to study, if it is not clear its purpose. Then have to be retrained. The diploma will give nothing, will have to work not by profession, or engaged in unloved business.
It is impossible to know themselves only by reflection. Work will make you focused. Start working as early as possible. If possible, do it during his school years or after school. No matter what you will begin to work. The value is a fact of daily work and communication in the workplace.
Write down what you can around you to improve. Keep records right from the date of employment. Think and watch. How to make better and faster reception of a person, how to introduce it in how to engage employees from different departments. Even if you work as a janitor, think of all that is around. How to care for the machinery enterprises, how to store shovels and brooms. Think like a janitor to make a career. Write whatever comes to mind.
Analyze records. Do it not earlier than in 6 months of work. Pay attention to the moments that you are more interesting. What changes could hold in the company you personally? What is the scope of activities you more interested in?
Select the most interesting. You have the expertise to make independent decisions.
Find related specialty. Visit the admission offices of different educational institutions. Ask what specific skills are developed.
Make the final choice. Now you can learn consciously. You will not have thoughts to leave school because of the difficulties for the lower classes. You will see the meaning. Motivation will give you the number of students that do not have labor practices.