The wide coastal strip of shallow water, soft quartz sand and excellent accommodation make the city one of the most preferred places of families with children. However, the abundance of all this attracts not only couples, but attracts visitors from all corners of Russia youth.
Quite extensive medical profile of the resort, so you can relax with health benefits. Baths apply therapeutic mud estuaries, salt lakes and mud volcanoes. Mineral water is indicated for metered-dose ingestion, and hydrotherapy. In the vicinity of the common winemaking, resulting in the popular and enoterapiya (vinolechenie), and ampelotherapy (botryotherapy).
In Anapa the treatment and the rest is supplemented by visits to historical and natural attractions of these places. Gorges and beautiful waterfalls, dolmens, keeping the mystery of antiquity, the ancient fortifications. You can also visit the birthplace of Russian champagne, which is in Abrau Durso, in the Utrish Dolphinarium to enjoy the view of dolphins, to visit the Museum, located in Taman to visit the Holy sources Neerja and commit countless other, not less interesting excursions.
Active rest in Anapa no less fascinating. It is preferred strong spirit and brave tourists. Because here you can not only swim and sunbathe on the beach (but without this, of course, does), but anyone can try their hand at marine water ski Park, wear a water ski or wakeboard primeri. You can learn diving-skiing or Windsurfing. Well, the most notorious thrill-seekers can ride on water inflatable rides, or rent a jet ski. And along the shore, on the sandy dunes with your friends is possible with a high speed ride on Quad bike.