Choosing the appropriate resort will make you meet the most different nuances – from what kind of transport you're going to get, before what you expect from a vacation spot. Therefore, choosing where to relax, be sure to concentrate and remember all the details.
Major cities, like Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa lovers of active leisure, who prefer not only lie on the beach and swim, but also want to have fun. Parks, attractions, studios, family photos, cinemas – all in abundance is present in large resort towns.
If you prefer a lazy vacation (usually this option is suitable for couples without children), you will approach the small towns and villages, which are considered separate areas of a city-resort. For example, in Sochi – Lazarevskoe, Loo, and others. Near Gelendzhik, Arkhipo – Osipovka and Kabardinka, etc. One of the most famous moons of Anapa Vityazevo. Find you offers easy online. There you will find a map of the coast and make all necessary notes.
Choose a resort city depending on what transport you are going to get. For example, if you are coming by car, your choice is not limited. If you want to get the train, it is worth considering that in some cities, like Noumea and its surrounding area, beyond the railway. So either have to hire a taxi, or go to other cities. As for air travel – airports there are 3 major resort areas: Sochi, Gelendzhik and Anapa.
Choosing to a resort town, remember that it is better to choose those options where no ports. Port city, type of Novorossiysk and Tuapse are not too bad, but the water quality is worse since the ships leave traces of their work at sea.
An important factor for decision about choosing a resort be attractions. For example, the maximum concentration in the area of Gelendzhik and in the vicinity of Sochi. Of course, this does not mean that other areas see nothing but the largest possible number of interesting places here.
Sochi is very suitable for different temperament of tourists. It is equally possible to successfully lie on the beach and to go on tours. Young people are especially welcome. After the Olympics was quite rich infrastructure, including sports that a young person will appreciate.
Anapa is a great vacation destination for tourists with kids. Sandy beaches so attractive to kids. Yes, and a large amount of fun clearly have them in mind.
Noumea will be a great option for those traveling with children, the elderly and those who want to improve their health. This is due to the fact that in Gelendzhik unique relic pine and juniper trees. This means that those who have problems with respiratory organs, there can be special comfortable.