The city itself is very small, on the territory of Anapa resides only 67 thousand people. But the beaches stretch for 42 miles along the Black sea. Everyone will choose for themselves the option of hotel: on the sand or on the pebbles. You can also visit the nearby towns, for example, or Vityazevo sukkah to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sandy beach

From the sea terminal and further in the direction of Taman is located sandy beach. Once the river Kuban brought these particles, because the Black sea has almost no sandy bottom of a natural origin. The beach is located in this area. The entrance to the sea is gradual, the depth shallow. That is why a great number of children resting in this place.

Outside the city beach is the district children's camps. Pioneer Avenue holds more than 50 health centers for different ages. They all stand along the shore. They stretch for 12 kilometres to the village of Vityazevo. The area Dzhemete is also famous for sandy beaches and an abundance of places to stay.

The peculiarity of the sandy beach that it begins to bloom in July. A large number of algae makes swimming not very pleasant. The smell of the gray-hydrogen fills the whole neighborhood. But it is believed that the climate and conditions are ideal for health. Visited this place in the summer, then in the course of the year, rarely suffer from colds.

Pebble beach

From the sea terminal in the opposite direction pebbly beach. It is often called the "High Bank", at the bottom of people swimming, and the top walkway, which offers a great view. Pebbles on the territory of the city small, easy entry. But shore is not flat as in the sand, and sharper.

Great beaches in the vicinity of Anapa, for example in Sukko. Pebbles of different sizes, you can choose the place with the major or minor. The beach is clean, characterized by transparent water. Flowering in the city, is not observed. It is located 12 km from the city. You can get there by taxi or public transport.

Nice beach on the Grand Utrish. It is 14 km from the town, a little further Sukko. It is nice to dive, since the beach is very beautiful, huge algae at some distance from the shore charm. Every year on the beach set the platform for diving, and also on the Bank erected a variety of shops and cafes.

The sea of Azov

From Anapa it is possible to reach the sea of Azov. Just an hour away (about 60 km) is Temryuk and the village of Golubitskaya. This is the place where you can enjoy really fresh sea Russia. A feature of the beaches is under the feet of coquina, which is similar to sand, but composed of small shells of natural origin. The shallow entry into the water, there is almost always a wave that makes bathing fun and exciting.