Advice 1: Where you can inexpensively relax on the Azov sea

Warm Azov sea every year attracts thousands of tourists. One like swimming in the shallow azure waters. Others prefer sunbathing on the sandy beaches, stretching for miles. Some are interested in the opportunity to improve your health and relax at the same time. The bulk of tourists from the former Soviet Union Azov sea attracts by the opportunity to inexpensively relax.
Where you can inexpensively relax on the Azov sea

Than a good rest on the Azov coast

Those wishing to relax on the beach enjoy stretching along the coast multimeter sandy beach. Dreamers from the tops of the craggy cliffs to watch the sunsets. There is something for everyone and people leading an active lifestyle and who want to combine rest with treatment.

Place for an inexpensive vacation

Those who can't afford to rest on expensive resorts, choose places and resorts cheaper. Where to look:

Arabat spit. The sunbathers will enjoy relaxing on the Arabat spit. Is a sandy spit with a length of over 100 km, separating the sea of Azov and the Gulf of Sivash. The Northern part arrows built guest houses and resorts in various price categories. Among them "coral", AzovRoyal, "Arabesque" and other places of recreation. Owned beaches equipped with rides. In the coastal cafe, you can cool off with chilled drinks or ice cream. For those who like to relax, "savage", it is preferable to stay on the southern part of the spit. There is a lesson to cyclists and for fishermen. The cost of a room in the private sector from 250 rubles.

Rest in Kerch. Due to the fact that pensions in Kerch are not so many gathered there, one should be concerned about booking accommodation. Moreover, tourists are always enough. People are attracted to the low prices and the sights of the city. If you want you can find cheap housing. Kerch – the city is quite old. So here is how the ancient monuments and fortresses, and the catacombs of the war years. In moments of relaxation between sightseeing, you can relax on the Sunny beach. The cheapest apartment will cost 250 RUB per person.

Shelkino. Kerch is situated to the West of the village of Shelkino. He is not so famous among the resorts of the Azov coast. Because housing prices here are more than acceptable. Moreover, after closing the Kazantip festival tourists even in season, not very much. But there are secluded coves with beautiful beaches. Economy vacation will cost 200 rubles.

Taganrog. Rest in Taganrog, too, can be relatively inexpensive. This year a one-room apartment will cost from 600 rubles per day. Rooms in a private sector rented from 350 rubles.

Yeysk. On the Azov sea coast in Eysk is considered the largest resort. Beaches the city offers a variety of attractions. For children will have fun at the water Park and Dolphinarium. The cost of housing starts from 350 rubles for accommodation in the private sector.

The cheapest is the rest "savages". Not everyone agrees on such a pleasure. But impressions after this much more than after the rest of the civilized. You choose!

Advice 2: How cheap to rest at sea

To rest at sea, lie on the warm sand, swim, eat fresh fruit... Like for a fleeting vacation to gain strength and energy, enough for the whole year. While this is not always possible to shell out a large amount for a week of rest, the problem arises to find a place to rest well, and cheap work.
How cheap to rest at sea
Method of travel depends on the distance and mode of transport. A young man hitchhiking to pass may, free of charge. But family thus impractical to transport. But in this situation, the possible choices of a cheaper method of transportation.
To go by car is the cheapest option. The greater the distance, the cheaper this method. The train is cheaper than flight. So if the sea is not very far, there is no direct rail service, you can choose this method.
During the holidays the second major cost item is payment. The range here varies from a few dollars in the private sector and to very large amounts in a modern and comfortable boarding houses located in the blue sea. Consider not only their financial resources, but also the distance from the sea, the availability of facilities. Sometimes saving on accommodation, you can spend more on travel in the city, the purchase of water and food.
Choose the appropriate living conditions. The most inexpensive accommodation in the private sector. Usually there are several options. The cheapest one - bed located in the hallway corner, the corridor. Of the bedside service in the hallway hanger on two hooks and a chair. A place to sleep is not the most comfortable, but the cheapest. The second option is a room in the house for 2-3 persons to sleep, sometimes up to 6.
Room in a separate building, is equipped for housing. Service is extended here to a separate table with set of chairs, a refrigerator, and possible a fan. For fun, of course, have to pay extra, but not much. The cost of housing, as a rule, the average, so the bargain makes no sense.
The market of services in the field of nutrition is diverse enough. Everything depends on your desire. You can find housing where at a tolerable price you will be offered three meals a day with quality cooking, you can prepare yourself, and you can look for a cheap canteen.

Advice 3: Where better to relax on the Azov sea with the child

Rest on the Azov sea allows you to enjoy swimming in warm water, visit mud baths, and have a great time with family and children. The Azov sea is not very deep, and its shores are sandy.
The rest of the sea
Russian Azov sea resorts attract tourists a large number of sandy beaches with gentle sunset in the water, which is especially important for young children. Located near beaches, sanatoriums, resorts, children's camps and resorts. Healing-Wellness resorts of this region is based on mud baths and bathing in mineral springs. Curative effect have and water of the Azov sea, mist at the bottom of this sea is full of mineral salts.


In this resort town, located on the shore of Taganrog Bay, a well-developed infrastructure. There are all conditions for rest with children. The city built a water Park, Dolphinarium and Oceanarium. Along the coastline of Yeysk there are both sandy and stony and pebble beaches. For vacationers with small children the resort has children's beaches, where kids can build sand castles, collect seashells, and swim in the shallow water.


This major resort city located on the territory of the Rostov region. A holiday here will appeal to those who are interested in not only the beaches but also all sorts of excursions. The city has many museums, galleries and historical attractions. Taganrog is an excellent choice for a family holiday. There are Aqua-parks, playgrounds, cinemas and concert halls.

The beaches of Taganrog is mostly sandy. The city beaches are equipped with changing cabins and sun loungers. Also equipped beaches rental equipment for water sports and children's rides (slides, trampolines). Like all the resorts of the Azov sea, is a gently sloping approaches to the water, and the sea is shallow off the coast.

In the city the beaches are quite crowded, so lovers of peace and solitude are invited to relax on the wild beaches, which in Taganrog a lot.


This small town is not popular with tourists. But that's what he and attractive. There are no noisy entertainment venues and large hotel complexes. And private accommodation will cost much cheaper than in Taganrog and Yeysk.

The beaches around this town are sandy. The sea is shallow, so children here can swim, even if they don't know how to swim. During storms, the water off the coast is muddy, which scares off some vacationers. Gray cloudy appearance of the water give mineral suspensions, up from the bottom. It should be noted that bathing in such water is very useful because it is rich in calcium, iodine and other trace elements.

Advice 4: Where to rest in the summer cheaply

Summer is vacation time. And even the crisis did not prevent people to think about the long-awaited vacation. Alas, the rise of the dollar and the Euro changed the plans of many Russians. And now holidaymakers are mostly thinking about where to rest in the summer cheaply. Such a possibility certainly exists.
Where to rest in the summer cheaply


Where to rest cheaply in Russia

If, when deciding about where to go to relax, you want to reduce costs, better to stay on holiday in Russia. Of course, to buy a ticket to a sanatorium or to stay in hotels – not the best option for budget travelers. The fare may be higher than the price of burning tours to Egypt and Bulgaria.

But if you dare to travel the savage, unable to save properly. In the most advantageous position will be the owners of their own cars. If the machine is full, the gasoline will be cheaper than a train ticket or a plane for each tour participant.

Fans of sunbathing and swimming can enjoy on the Black or Azov sea in Crimea, Sochi, resorts of Krasnodar region. Download in the trunk tent, build a route, search for a decent camping – and forward. Prefer a morecheap holidays? In Central Russia there are beautiful lakes like Seliger, or Valdai. The natural beauty here is not worse than the South, and money spend much less.

Many scenic places are on the banks of the Volga and other Russian rivers. Can become an unforgettable holiday on lake Baikal or in Karelia. However, this is far from the Central regions of Russia, but the scenery would be unreal.

Also we should not forget about the tourism tour. Russia has such a rich history, many architectural monuments and other attractions, especially in the European part. You can go to an independenttour of the Golden ringor visit other ancient cities – there is something to see.

Holiday abroad

Surprisingly, there are still inexpensive to rest on the sea, buying a ticket abroad. Only permit this should be so-called "burning". Often large tour operators, who buy places in hotels and tickets in advance, in large quantities, do not sell all. So they are a few days before the departure date throw out on the market hot deals.

If you keep a finger on the pulse and not to put in the forefront the question of where to rest, and to focus only on price, you can buy a ticket to Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Bulgaria for ridiculous money. It is best to subscribe to updates of such popular resources as Chip-chip or trip the-top. There are specially monitored last minute all tour operators. And sometimes the tours are sold at prices a little over 100 dollars.

Advice 5: How to relax on the Azov sea

The sea of Azov attracts in the summer season lots of tourists. Quite inexpensive accommodation prices allow you to spend on the water memorable days, and the relative proximity from the major cities of the European part of Russia gives the opportunity to go to the beach for a few hours.
How to relax on the Azov sea
You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
To rest on the Azov sea, you can use the services of travel agencies or look for a suitable alternative themselves. In the first case, you need to visit a travel company in your city and see the list of possible options. By purchasing a ticket at the travel Agency, you get rid of the trouble to purchase tickets for travel to holiday destination and accommodation on the coast. You will be available not only recreation, but also the treatment, if you decide to relax in the therapeutic boarding school.
Many tourists prefer to travel independently. However, in this case also need to take care of the bed. You will be able to rent housing in the private sector or in small vacation homes to book via the Internet. To search for suitable options type in a search engine request "holidays on the Azov sea," you will get many suitable references.
The choice of holiday on the Azov sea is quite large, but it is better to relax in the traditional Spa towns – for example, Yeisk is one of the best places on the coast. Go to the website of azov-sea, you can find a list of hotels and boarding houses, find the cost of living in them. From the European part of Russia to get to the town is possible by train, plane (to Rostov-on-don or Krasnodar), bus. As a rule, many tourists at first get to Rostov-on-don, then from the bus station go by bus to the town.
You can relax and near Eysk or Taganrog, clearing a room or outbuilding in a private home. This option will be the cheapest, to arrange accommodation and time of arrival in advance via the Internet. You can rest almost on the coast, but the beaches in this case can be unequipped. It is worth noting that in some places the sea of Azov is characterized by the presence of sufficiently strong currents in the water can be fishing nets. So swimming should be equipped beaches. The virtue of the Azov sea in that it is shallow, in many beaches you can walk up to a mile deep, before you can go in the water up to his waist. Where the water is shallow makes the beaches of the Azov sea is very convenient and safe for children.

Advice 6: Where in the month of December to rest in Russia

Many tourists suddenly realize that it is not necessary to go to distant countries to have a good rest. Since Russia is the largest country in the world, there are leisure activities for even the most demanding taste. Take a look at where in the month of December to rest in Russia.
Stay in Russia

The black sea

You can choose any kind of vacation: Wellness, therapeutic, excursion, active or family. On the shore of our Black sea is a huge number of hotels and resorts. The service here is no worse than in Europe, the hotels have spas, pools and leisure centres for children. Many Russian hotels have adopted the experience of foreign colleagues and introduced a system of "all inclusive". In December you can relax on the sandy shores of the Black sea.

In Krasnodar Krai the miraculous and healing climate. An additional positive effect will have on human health of mineral water and therapeutic mud. You can come in December to almost any city coast. And although the weather will be warm, but the water in the sea will be cool, so instead of bathing it is better to admire the beauty of Sochi and Adler, climb the mountains, or simply laze on the beach.

The sea of Azov

The children can go to the shore of the Azov sea. In itself the sea is not very deep, so well heated, but in December the water still quite cool. In General, the climate on the Taman Peninsula is soft, in December the sun is not firing and does not burn, +15 heat, low humidity.

Rest on the Azov sea are quite capable to improve their health. Here is a nice sea air mixed with the smell of steppe grasses, turning into healing. Available at Azov and these mud volcanoes. Therapeutic mud is rich in iodine and bromine. The most popular resort in these places is the town of Yeisk. There are fine hotels and magnificent resorts with high quality service. The rest are very cheap, you can meet, for example, 20 thousand rubles.

West Russia

In December, to go to rest and West of Russia. It offers Baltic sea views and nearby Kaliningrad. There is a close and large nature reserve. This is the land that has no solid foundations, and formed due to emission of large amounts of sand from the mouth of the Neman.

In these places a completely unique nature. Rare plants and alien landscapes. Tourists described the area is very popular. Fresh air, the fragrances of sea water and forests — all this is mixed into a single, memorable for a lifetime. There are excellent holiday homes and sanatoriums.


In Russia you can relax in Karelia. These province is known for its indescribable beauty, rarely where you will meet something similar. In this land of lakes is very well developed tourist infrastructure: there are rest houses, sanatoria and guest houses. In addition, there are a lot of monuments and a few entertainment complexes.

The local area allows you to walk through the woods and enjoy the fresh air. If you want you can go hunting for wild boar, wolf, or bear. The more safe guests can enjoy wonderful fishing. You can choose from several tourist routes: Valaam, Solovetsky Islands, Kizhi island.

The East Of Russia

Heading East, you'll find the world famous lake Baikal, Altai Krai. Generally, the word Altai translates from local dialect as "gold mountain." Coming here is like fall in a fairy tale — a range of taiga and mountains, many rivers and lakes. Local attractions have a pretty solid age. For example, lake Baikal is approximately 25 million years. It embraces a fifth of the world's reserves of fresh water.

This edge is visited by tourists from all over the world. Mostly to admire the beauty of the lake. This is a unique place, because here the taiga is located almost adjacent to the desert, and the tundra next to the wilderness of stones. There are here and plants that you will not find anywhere else. For tourists in the Altai built a lot of sanatoria and bases of rest. Taste the real Russian bath, drink some Siberian tea and feel the flavor of Siberian cuisine.

Advice 7: How cheap to rest in the South

Most of the territory of Russia is located in the cold climatic zone with a long and harsh winter. And the inhabitants of the temperate zone are not spoiled really warm weather. Not surprisingly, the Russians dream of a vacation in the South. Swim in the warm sea, sunbathe, eat plenty of fruits, admire the lush nature of the South, finally. But, alas, it is expensive and not everyone can afford.
How cheap to rest in the South
Think about where you want to rest: in Russia or abroad. In the second case, you again have to make a choice: whether it is the territory of the CIS (for example, Crimea), or abroad. In this case, you will need a passport.
Suppose you decide to relax on the South sea, without leaving Russia. Then the choice is limited: either the sea of Azov or the Black sea coast (Krasnodar region). Rest on the Azov sea coast has the following advantages: sea is very shallow, so it's better warmed up. The water is always warmer than in the Black sea. And the prices for accommodation in hotels, as well as in the private sector is lower than in the Krasnodar region. Minus: the nature of the Azov coast is very meagre, monotonous, lush beauty of the South you will not see. The black sea coast is much prettier, but the level of prices, unfortunately, do not always correspond to the service.
In any case try to find economical vacation. It is better to negotiate directly with the owner of private property or a landlord that rent rooms to vacationers. Do not resort to services of all kinds of intermediaries, because in this case the cost of the holiday will increase. Information about how much are the various options for rental housing in a given community can be found online or by talking to the people that already rested there.
If you're really strapped for cash, look for the cheapest option housing type - detached house with a toilet and shower in the yard. Remember that the farther from the sea the house is located, the lower the prices.
In that case, if you want a cheap vacation, you should opt for Turkey. But better to go there not during the summer when very hot, and very high prices for tickets, and at the end of the beach season in October. Water in the Mediterranean sea (near Antalya – Kemer – Alanya) this time of year is still very warm, and prices are much lower.
Select a hotel of economy class. Lush nature, good service, plenty of fruits, free entry (the visa is issued directly at the airport of arrival, free of charge) - what else is needed for a good rest? Moreover, if you manage to buy "the burning" tour, the rest will be really cheap.

Advice 8: Where you can relax with the dogs

Dog owners are often faced with the problem of leisure. Or the animal is nowhere and no one to leave or never want to leave. Today there are many recreation opportunities with the Pets. And how you can go to the next area and abroad.

Stay with the dog in their native plains.

Many dogs have a high mobility and love outdoor activities. Animals need the freedom, the opportunity to go crazy in the company of their own kind or an opportunity to play with the owner. So many dog owners prefer to enjoy them close to home.

A great option for recreation will be country cottages, holiday homes, camp sites. The only feature: you have to make sure that there is allowed to be dogs. Sometimes a guest on four legs will have to pay extra or a Deposit for the property.

Places to stay close to his native city well affect the health and mood of the dog. Advantage is also the short way and lack of acclimatization. Great if next to the selected place will be the pond and the woods/forest.

Relax with the dog and the Black or Azov sea. Hotels in the coastal cities rarely accept guests with Pets, so the housing will be easier to rent directly from the owners. Better suited to a separate house or an apartment where there are neighbors. Choose a convenient and inexpensive option can be as special sites for booking and thematic/rock forums.

Walking with a dog on a public beach is not worth it. For walking, choose wild palojoensuu where the animal does not disturb the rest and can run swim.

Traveling with a dog overseas

Overseas trip with a dog promises a lot of pleasant moments. In European countries really love animals, so stay with your furry friend to organize a snap. However, please note that you will have to do it yourself, without recourse to the travel Agency.

One of the best places to vacation with a dog in Europe is Italy. On the mainland and on the Islands you will meet a lot of foreigners vacationing with their Pets. The owners walk with the animals along the river, evening the streets, sitting in cafes and even go on trips. You without problems miss with a dog in a clothing store in Rome, and to the pharmacy in Sicily. A huge number of hotels in Italy accept guests with Pets without any additional fees. As needed you can also enjoy walking, grooming or veterinary care.

Both summer and winter you and your pet will be happy to meet in Finland. Numerous resorts, cottages and hotels provide a comfortable stay and desired amenities for your stay. You will need a little: keep silence, order and cleanliness on the streets. This files most often for recreation with dogs in Finland, the owners choose private cottages located on the shores of the lakes.

Relax with your dog in North America. Especially popular in this area are the USA. In many cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, etc.) there are even special beaches just for dogs and their owners. There is going to a huge number of animals, so your pet will not be bored. To rent an apartment, house or hotel room with a dog without any problems. The only feature: long flights and mandatory quarantine.
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