The majority of Russian tourists planning their vacation, choosing between the resorts of the Black and Mediterranean seas. They have their advantages and disadvantages, having considered that, you can give preference to a particular place.

Black sea – sea of velvet seasons

The black sea coast a long time ago is considered to be a resort where once was everyone. For residents of Russia is his native sea, where many went to rest with his childhood. The location it'll be different from each other climatic zones allows you to choose completely different places to relax or to travel the entire vacation at the various resort towns.

The most beautiful time of the black sea coast – this September, which is considered the "velvet season": the sea is still quite warm and the air comfortable humidity. The Black sea is often chosen for treatment of various diseases of the pulmonary and cardiovascular system.

As for the specific vacation spots, the best on the black sea coast are considered Russian resorts of Yalta, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa. Foreign - Varna in Bulgaria, Constanta in Romania.

The downside of the Black sea include a high degree of contamination, especially at the end of the holiday season, as the water had not cleared. Besides, there are very frequent storms, hurricanes and storms. Despite this, the Black sea, holidaymakers can take a therapeutic mud bath in the small marine bays.

Clean and "living" the Mediterranean sea

The Mediterranean sea is one of the cleanest. The resorts on this coast are choosing most of the rest. Among the host countries - Greece, Israel, Turkey, France, Spain and Italy. However, depending on the choice of the country rest of the sea has a different degree of contamination. The most transparent and clean it on the Eastern Mediterranean, in Crete and the beaches of Israel.

It is best to choose places for a holiday by the sea next to the pine forest, because it has beneficial effects on the body and creates maximum health benefits. Rest on the Mediterranean resorts strengthens the immune system and allows you to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, visit historical places. The level of service on the coast is quite high, and the cost is quite suitable. The downsides of rest on the Mediterranean sea is almost there, except of water pollution in some tourist cities in Europe.

If we talk about the most popular Mediterranean resorts among Russian tourists, without a doubt, the Turkish Riviera Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Belek, side, Incekum. Magnificent sea, mild climate, sandy beaches, service at the highest level, what else does a tourist need?!

To choose the best place to stay you need to determine the purpose of the trip. For a first trip with a child treatment or rehabilitation is the best fit of the Black sea. For seasoned travelers who appreciate comfort and entertainment, the choice should be in favor of the resorts and beaches of the Mediterranean.