Advice 1: What is better: Black or Mediterranean

The rest of the sea nothing can replace: the noise of the rolling waves, the cries of seagulls, gentle waves! All this gives the sea coast, Sunny beaches and good resorts.
What is better: Black or Mediterranean
The majority of Russian tourists planning their vacation, choosing between the resorts of the Black and Mediterranean seas. They have their advantages and disadvantages, having considered that, you can give preference to a particular place.

Black sea – sea of velvet seasons

The black sea coast a long time ago is considered to be a resort where once was everyone. For residents of Russia is his native sea, where many went to rest with his childhood. The location it'll be different from each other climatic zones allows you to choose completely different places to relax or to travel the entire vacation at the various resort towns.

The most beautiful time of the black sea coast – this September, which is considered the "velvet season": the sea is still quite warm and the air comfortable humidity. The Black sea is often chosen for treatment of various diseases of the pulmonary and cardiovascular system.

As for the specific vacation spots, the best on the black sea coast are considered Russian resorts of Yalta, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa. Foreign - Varna in Bulgaria, Constanta in Romania.

The downside of the Black sea include a high degree of contamination, especially at the end of the holiday season, as the water had not cleared. Besides, there are very frequent storms, hurricanes and storms. Despite this, the Black sea, holidaymakers can take a therapeutic mud bath in the small marine bays.

Clean and "living" the Mediterranean sea

The Mediterranean sea is one of the cleanest. The resorts on this coast are choosing most of the rest. Among the host countries - Greece, Israel, Turkey, France, Spain and Italy. However, depending on the choice of the country rest of the sea has a different degree of contamination. The most transparent and clean it on the Eastern Mediterranean, in Crete and the beaches of Israel.

It is best to choose places for a holiday by the sea next to the pine forest, because it has beneficial effects on the body and creates maximum health benefits. Rest on the Mediterranean resorts strengthens the immune system and allows you to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, visit historical places. The level of service on the coast is quite high, and the cost is quite suitable. The downsides of rest on the Mediterranean sea is almost there, except of water pollution in some tourist cities in Europe.

If we talk about the most popular Mediterranean resorts among Russian tourists, without a doubt, the Turkish Riviera Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Belek, side, Incekum. Magnificent sea, mild climate, sandy beaches, service at the highest level, what else does a tourist need?!

To choose the best place to stay you need to determine the purpose of the trip. For a first trip with a child treatment or rehabilitation is the best fit of the Black sea. For seasoned travelers who appreciate comfort and entertainment, the choice should be in favor of the resorts and beaches of the Mediterranean.

Advice 2: What better to relax in Turkey

Turkey is a truly unique resort, and the uniqueness of it is the access to four different seas, so different from each other. What kind of seas you're looking for, whether it is Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, or native of the Black sea, in any case you will enjoy the beauty of nature and quiet on the coast.
What better to relax in Turkey

The Aegean sea

The Aegean sea as if beckoning you to spend your vacation on the beach. Stable warm weather, seldom presenting any unpleasant surprises.
Cliffs, picturesque towns, in a position to sea travel – all of this coast, which prefer to relax themselves Turks and wealthy Arabs.

If you are a supporter of peace, privacy, give preference to the trip to Altinkum, make sightseeing trips to Pamukkale and Cleopatra pools. Want to relax and enjoy the night life of secular parties, then welcome to Marmaris, good restaurants in Bodrum, a bustling Bazaar Friday Codes.

The Mediterranean sea

Antalya, Kemer, Alanya, these famous large cities of the so-called Turkish Riviera, the most preferred resort of this region, located on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Soft sandy beach, good infrastructure, cleanliness. The Mediterranean sea has the highest salt concentration. Vacation beckons with the opportunity to visit the main Turkish attractions, see the arches, minarets, towers and also become a witness and participant of the famous Turkish bazaars, visit to the largest shopping centers in the country and, of course, to enjoy the night life, popular clubs, discos.

Choose the lush greenery of Kemer, mountain slopes, Antalya, Alanya, affordable, young resorts Belek or side, and you are sure to find everything you were looking for, this comfortable climate, and the highest level of service and cultural events.

The sea of Marmara

The Marmara sea is an internal. Despite the fact that the Marmara sea is characterized by rocky shores and is considered to be not the best place to spend a relaxing holiday, there are a number of resort towns that are worth paying attention to, going on a trip to Turkey.

Thermal waters, trip to Istanbul, ancient temples and, of course, a plant for the production of terracotta, you will be able to see, deciding to stay in Marmaris and Turkeli in a special mini-hotels.

The black sea

Serious depth and unstable weather, a relatively poor fauna, nature, giving a preferred temperature only in summer, make a holiday on the black sea coast of Turkey, a lot of people with a specific preference. A small number of specially selected beaches and a small selection of hotel complexes and does alienate visitors. However, if you decide to take in the charm of the past combined with modern trends, then sit in the antique city of Turkey, Istanbul. Or make camp in the Northern city of Rize, Sinop or Trabzon.

Advice 3: What seas wash Russia

Russia is a great naval power. The total length of its Maritime borders is 37636, 6км. the country is washed by 13 seas, 12 of which belong to three of the world's oceans: Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic. Thirteenth – the Caspian is a closed and not connecting with the ocean, strictly speaking, is a lake.

What seas wash Russia

Water six seas wash Russia in the North. They all belong to the waters of the Arctic ocean. Five seas - Kara, Laptev, East Siberian, Barents, Chukchi – polar, located between 70 and 80 North latitude and are continental - marginal. Their waters are limited to Islands or archipelagos of the Arctic ocean. Sixth - the White sea. It is located slightly to the South, crosses the Arctic circle.

Total area 6 of the Northern seas is 4.5 million sq. km in the Laptev Sea, an exciting part of the Nansen basin, is the most deep. The maximum depth value 3385м, average – 533м. The greater part of the territories of the Arctic seas ice is present year-round. Separate arrays of drifting ice persisted throughout the summer. The exception is the Barents sea. In winter ice-free remains its Western part. In the summer the ice melts.

From the East the territory of Russia is washed by the Pacific seas - the Bering, Okhotsk, Japanese. They are located South of the Arctic, vast and deep. Apart they are separated the Kamchatka Peninsula and Sakhalin island. From the East they are limited to the waters of the Kurile and Japanese Islands. The largest and the deep Bering sea. Its maximum depth 4151м, medium -1640м. Okhotsk is the most shallow of them. Its maximum depth 3521м, middle – 821. All the Eastern semi-enclosed sea. Water exchange occurs through the Straits between the Islands and archipelagos of the Pacific.

Black, Baltic and Azov – sea of the Atlantic ocean. They are all internal and stretch out into the land. The black sea is the warmest of seas washing territory of Russia. According to the hypothesis expressed by Pliny the Elder, 7500 years ago the Black sea was a freshwater lake. The level was much lower than it is now. With the end of the glacial period, Global sea level has risen. The black sea basin and the adjacent extensive areas were flooded. The greatest depth of the Black sea 2210м, medium – 1240. A characteristic feature is the almost total absence of life at depths of 150-200m, due to the high degree of saturation of the lower layers of water with hydrogen sulfide.

The Baltic and the West sea, washing the coast of Russia. From the Atlantic ocean that separates the Scandinavian Peninsula. Water exchange occurs through the Straits. Shallow, the maximum depth of 470m, the average is 51. A characteristic feature is the very low level of tides.

The Azov sea is semi-enclosed, connected with the ocean is through the Strait of Kerch and the Black sea. The most shallow in the world. Maximum depth 13m, the average is 7.

Caspian – thirteenth of the sea, washing the shores of Russia, the largest inland body of water on the planet. Not reported from the World's oceans, and, indeed, is a lake. However, the composition of the water and what animals live there, it can be attributed to the seas. About 50 million years ago, it was part of a huge reservoir, which includes also the Black and Mediterranean seas. The last 30 million years the connection with the World ocean was lost and restored repeatedly. At present the Caspian sea level is unstable, subject to periodic fluctuations, the cause of which is not established.

Advice 4: Which sea is bordered by the Cyprus

Cyprus is a popular Russian tourist island with an area of 9.25 thousand square kilometers. Within it are three small state – actually Cyprus, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the country of Akrotiri and Dhekelia.
Which sea is bordered by the Cyprus

A little bit about the history of the island

The first traces of civilization that were found in Cyprus belong to the 8000 BC And they have an age of 9000 years. It traces the stone age, the copper age and then the bronze age.

A Golden period of development of Cyprus is the settlement of ancient Greeks in 12-11 centuries B. C. E. the civilization of the Greeks and determined the direction of culture, which began to develop in the framework of the island is the Greek language, their art, religion, and other traditions.
The Greeks founded in Cyprus and ancient city, some of which exist to this day.

Cyprus tried to conquer many peoples and civilizations – the Assyrians, the Egyptians, peppers and others, but no one can master them for long. As a result, from foreign invaders, the island was freed by the army of Alexander the great, after which the philosopher Zeno (a disciple of the famous Ptolemy) and founded in Cyprus the famous philosophical school of stoicism.

For many centuries Cyprus was part of Greece and then the Roman Empire. But in 1571 it was conquered by the Ottomans, then Cyprus was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire, which broke the connection of the island with the rest of Europe. Then, in 1869, after the opening of the Suez canal, interest in the island began to show the British Empire, under the control of which Cyprus and moved in 1878.

Already in the 20th century for the possession of Cyprus was claimed by many countries, and still relatively small in its territory the island is often simply torn apart by the conflict between Christians and Muslims.

The Mediterranean sea

The only sea, which is bordered by Cyprus in the North-Eastern part, is the Mediterranean sea. Moreover, this island is the third largest in this salty pool. Cyprus lies at the distance of 380 km from Egypt, 105 km from Syria and 75 km from the border of Turkey.
Geographical location of Cyprus will attribute it to the Asian part of the continent.

The very name "Mediterranean" was first coined by the ancient writer Gaius Julius Solin, who called it the "sea in the midst of the earth." What the Mediterranean sea was connecting to different European and North African civilizations.

Inside of this basin also stands out with some more smaller and not always officially recognized, Alborán and Balearic, Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean, Cretan, Libyan, Cypriot and Levantine. One with the Mediterranean sea, the pool also includes the Marmara, Black and Caspian seas.

Advice 5: How did the Black sea

The black sea is one of the most changeable and fickle. A careful study of its bottom allowed modern scholars to piece together the events by centuries of transformations, affecting not only the flora and fauna of the sea, but its littoral zone, the impact on climate zone.
How did the Black sea
The origin of the Black sea occurred about two million years ago, when as a result of the earthquakes of ancient ocean TESIS (bearing the name of the daughter of Neptune), a Crimean and Caucasian mountains. Over time, a small salt lake presdales, capitivate into it the waters of the Dnieper and the Danube.
About 7-8 thousand years ago the Black sea was inhabited by freshwater flora and fauna as a result of a powerful natural disaster, it again did not change his nature. The rapid melting of ice occurred approximately 8122 BC, led to the rise of the water level of the oceans in General and the Mediterranean sea including. Resulting in rapid flow of water, demolishing all the obstacles in its path, broke into the previously closed black sea basin. According to some, the speed 200 times the speed of the waters of Niagara falls. This event is described in the Bible as "the flood", which allegedly occurred in 5500 BC In the result between the two seas was formed of the Bosphorus, and the water level in Black sea rose about 140 m. and its area has increased 1.5 times.
Most of the inhabitants of the black sea was lost due to a sudden influx of salt water. Covered with a heavy layer remains, the seabed turned into a lifeless desert, inhabited only by a special kind of bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide. Since mixing of the water layers prevented the special direction of the black sea currents formed at the bottom of a huge "black" area was "preserved". Currently inhabited is only a superficial layer of the sea, to a depth of 200 m, with a maximum depth of 2212 m. Some researchers ascribe this fact and the modern name of the Black sea, he has no more than 500-600 years ago, which in antiquity was known under different names.
In the times of the Scythians it was called Scythian, and later Russian. The ancient Greeks called it the inhospitable sea (Pontos Aksinsky), hostile to inexperienced pioneers. With the development of seafaring and the development of coastal areas, it was renamed the hospitable sea (Pontus euxinus) or just Pontus (the sea). The Turks called it Karadeniz, which also meant a black, inhospitable, as for them it was much colder compared to the Mediterranean sea.
Currently in the Black sea is home to about 2000 species of living organisms: jellyfish, shellfish, fish, mammals. The maximum temperature of the upper layer reaches +27 OS, the minimum +6оС.
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