Advice 1: Where on the Black sea, the rocky beaches, where sand

On the Black sea coast attracts several million tourists. A large number of resorts and tourist services allow you to choose a vacation to your preference and financial status. Even the beaches on the black sea coast pleasing variety, allowing you to enjoy soft sand and warm pebbles.
Where on the Black sea, the rocky beaches, where sand

Rocky beaches on the Black sea

Great rocky beaches with small pebbles, and pleasant to the feet, you can find almost on all resorts of Sochi: Lazarevskoe, Adler, Khosta, Central. Entry into the water at these beaches is different, but the most popular places for recreation, as a rule, no large stones with sharp edges, which could injure feet.

Known for rocky beaches and part of the resorts relating to Noumea. So, pebbly beaches prevail in the villages of Arkhipo-Osipovka and Kabardinka and Divnomorskoye. Strewn with pebbles, with some sand beaches on the Thin Cape, in the sanatorium "Blue wave", boarding-house "Chernomorets" and "Caucasus". Pretty clean rocky beach and boasts quiet village dzhanhot, near Gelendzhik.

In the Tuapse district of the Amateur pebbles best place to relax in the village Novomikhailovsky or Dzhubga. In Lermontovo beaches strewn with pebbles, mixed with sand, and in Olginka – small washed pebbles.

You can find rocky beaches near Anapa. Stones and pebble, for example, littered the beaches of the coast and "Little Bay". In some places the sea is quite dangerous, especially in wild areas.
Those who likes to relax on the pebbly beaches, you can also go on the black sea coast in Abkhazia.

Sandy beaches on the Black sea

Nice sandy beach is located in the city of Gelendzhik. Its length is 500 meters and width 30 meters. There are sheds, changing rooms and showers for rent various beach equipment. The entrance to the sea on the Central beach of Gelendzhik with no sharp pits, but the depth increases pretty quickly.

Many sandy beaches are located in Anapa, close to her. Beach Dzhemete, along Pioneer Avenue, strewn with small fine sand and gently slopes into the sea, so there's a good rest for the elderly or families with children.
The only downside – during peak season a lot of people, and the sea in the coastal area in late summer often looks untidy due to the large amount of algae.

Great sandy beach is also on the territory of children's camp "Eaglet" in Tuapse district and adjoining camps. There is no promenade and plenty of entertainments, however, the sea even in the season is often very clean. When you enter the water depth increases very slowly.

In Ukraine most of the beaches are sandy. Lovers of fine sand it is best to rest in Yalta, Evpatoria, Feodosia and Sevastopol.

Advice 2 : In Russia, where there are sandy beaches

Sandy beaches most loved by vacationers compared to the pebble or other types. Exactly sandy beaches ideal for families with children and for those who are learning to swim. Clean the bottom and soft sand – what more do you need for a perfect holiday on the water? In Russia there are many excellent fine sand beaches.
In Russia, where there are sandy beaches

The beaches of the Black sea

Crimea is loved by many tourists for its superb sandy beaches. Clear water and bottom with no sharp rocks – yet another reason why vacation in the Crimea will be very comfortable.

Best are the beaches of the Donuzlav. The sand protects the coastline from various damage such as washouts and faults, so the integrity of these beaches is protected by law: it is forbidden to take out the sand for any purpose. The beaches of the Donuzlav start from the village of Mirny and extend in the direction of Yalta, on the one hand, and on the other to the Baikal spit. The settlements, which are located on the gentle beaches of the Donuzlav: the black sea, Olenevka, Zaozernoe, Popovka, Novo-fedorivka, Storm, mizhvodne, also in this area is Cape Tarkhankut. The beaches of the Gulf Kalamitsky are considered the best for families with children as the water warms up quickly, and they are pretty small.

If you prefer a beach vacation with a tent, then go to the villages of olenivka or mizhvodne. But remember that this is a place for those who prefer ecotourism. People monitor the cleanliness of places where camping.

Sandy beaches in the Krasnodar region is located in the village of Anapa. The sand is so very beautiful, Golden and fine, and also very clean. Beaches in Dzhemete are also a great option for families with children, as the bottom is quite flat. The word "Dzhemete" means "Golden Sands".

The Caspian, Azov and Baltic seas

Azov sea is very shallow, and all its coast is sandy. Also this sea is very warm.

The Caspian sea is also famous for its sandy beaches. The best sandy beaches are located in the Volga Delta, where is Astrakhan. Often close to the beaches, there are hot springs.

Very beautiful beach is located on the Baltic sea's Curonian spit in Kaliningrad. The beach is very wide and the sand is fine and bright. Surrounded by this splendor pine forest. But the swimming season here lasts long.

Lake beaches

Sandy beaches are characteristic for lakes with a rest which some prefer to the sea. The most famous lake in Russia – Baikal. Beautiful Baikal dunes, long wide beaches, clean water... the Only negative is that the water in the lake is quite cold, the lake is warm enough for pleasant swimming.

Lake Onega in Karelia has very beautiful sandy beaches. They are small, but occur constantly.

Seliger – this place has become very popular as a tourist area. Around the lake there are many beaches. There are both budget and luxury accommodation options.
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