Anapa on the map

This small town nestled on the shore of the Black sea, in the Western part of the Krasnodar region of Russia. Legend city, city of-history, but most importantly, the city resort. The impression is that someone wanted to hide from unwanted eyes this gem to keep it for posterity. Anapa is the place where already low Caucasus mountains start their gradual March to Taman Peninsula, gradually turning into steppes of the Kuban.

Anapa resort

Anapa is a unique vacation place with mineral water springs and the fresh sea air. Most vacationers here involve gorgeous sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea water.

Due to the fact that the coastline of about 40 km, you can easily find a secluded place to relax. In the vicinity of the Central beach there are comfortable beaches belonging to the children's rest homes, sanatoriums or asylums. Many Anapa hotels offer a vacation for every budget. Each camper can choose the service you like – from the elite private hotels with swimming pools and a private beach equipped to a very modest rooms. However, we must remember that in the midst of the season the influx of tourists is very large, and reservations in advance is better.

The sandy beaches of Anapa are considered an ideal place for families with young children. Warm Golden sand, warm shallow water with dense bottom, ideal for restless kids games.

Anapa health resort

Not only famous for the sandy beaches of Anapa. Besides the beautiful sea, the city is famous for the deposits of therapeutic mud and an Arsenal of mineral waters. Famous Spa resort Anapa has a full range of services used in the sanatorium treatment of movement apparatus, nervous system, respiratory system, gynecology and peripheral nervous system.

Well in the treatment of established and local mineral water, which is extracted from Semigorsk source Berlucchi well, Gemeinsame field.

Leisure in Anapa

In addition to classic bathing on the beautiful beaches of Anapa tour Desk offers a variety of interesting trips to exciting corners of the nearby places. This can be a visit to the Abrau-Durso, near Novorossiysk, the Motherland of Russian sparkling wines, a popular district of winemaking and viticulture, or meeting with a sleeping mud volcanoes of the Taman.