Rest in Anapa in 2016: the private sector

The budget holiday in Anapa — is the placement in the private sector. Housing for rent in the city and in the surrounding area. Accommodation in a private house in may, will cost 300-400 rubles per person, with no individual bathrooms. Usually, a cozy room with a TV and air conditioning, but the shower and toilet for a few people on site. Similar conditions in the city in July, from 500 rubles per person. The maximum price in early August — 600-700 rubles per person.

A more comfortable room where private bathroom is provided — from 500 roubles in June. From 700 rubles in July, from 850 in August. Accordingly, a room for two from 1300 rubles.

Lower prices in the suburbs of the city, for example, or in Vityazevo sukkah. It towns on the coast at a distance of not more than 15 km from Anapa. They developed infrastructure, there are excellent beaches, but the amount of entertainment less. But to get to the city without problems. In Vityazevo with sandy beaches room in July with facilities will cost from 500 rubles, in the sukkah with a pebbled beach — from 400 rubles. The exact cost depends on the distance from the shore.

Prices on guest house in Anapa in 2016

Looking for a options prices for the guest house Anapa, you need to understand that the information in the network does not always match reality. The cost of a room with facilities for two in a good location will cost 3000 rubles. Remote from the sea options will cost from 2 thousand rubles. Accordingly, the price starts from 1000 rubles per person per day. But if you go with the child, you can arrange additional place, it will cost 500-600 rubles. It will be a folding chair or a comfortable bed.

The guest house rarely offer food, most tourists eat in the cafeteria, cafes and restaurants nearby. And the small kitchen only to make tea. Sometimes equipped common kitchen, but it is calculated once for all residents, which is not too convenient.

Prices for Anapa pensions in 2016

Pensions Anapa prices for summer 2016 published in advance. The minimum value in may — from 900 rubles per person. The maximum at the end of July — from 1800 per person. The presence of food increases the cost in the 600-1000 rubles. The treatment will be charged separately.

The budget holiday is possible in the offseason, for example, "Little Bay" offered to stay with treatment and food for 1200 per person in the winter. And the hotel starinnaya Anapa in winter, even in the most modest room costs from 3400 per person per day with Breakfast only.

The prices for food in Anapa in 2016

If you choose a location without power, it is important to know the prices for food in Anapa. A delicious meal at dozens of cafes, canteens and restaurants. To eat get even on the beach. Set lunch of soup, second course and compote in the city will cost 300-350 rubles. Accordingly, Breakfast in the dining room — from 200 rubles.

But a café in the suburbs more expensive. Competition is lower, so the lunch from 400 rubles in the sukkah or Dzhemete. And the most interesting — the most expensive non-meat dishes and side dishes. A serving of regular pasta will cost 80-100 rubles. Burgers, on average, 50 rubles apiece.

Takeaway is cheaper:

  • 100 g of pork from 150 rubles, lamb from 180 rubles, salmon — from 300 rubles.
  • Shawarma from 100 rubles.
  • Pasties from 70 rubles.
  • A Burger from 80 rubles.
  • Cuchilla — from 70 rubles apiece.

Prices in Anapa in 2016 in stores high on sweets, drinking water, dairy products. Cheaper to buy products in the shops "Magnet". Prices are moderate, but always long queues. In hypermarkets "Magnet" presented ready-made meals, from salads to more unusual dishes. All hypermarkets are located far away from the beach, but any taxi driver will get you there.

Expensive in Anapa are fruits. Many retail shops that offer them at the beach. To save, you should visit the markets of the city. They are designed for local residents, and the cost there more democratic.

The price of rest in Anapa in 2016 starts from 1500 rubles per person. Plus additional costs of travel, entertainment and alcohol. But today it is one of the most affordable resorts.