You will need
  • The phone
If you have forgotten your room phone network MTS, you can read it via the Mobile portal. Mobile operator positioning the Mobile portal *111# as the fastest and easiest way services of MTS with their phone. Thanks to the Mobile portal, you can perform a lot of actions that formerly required a visit to the salon-shop of MTS or call the contact center of the company. Now with the Mobile portal *111# customers MTS available information and entertainment services, including fast search of useful data.To use the Mobile portal, you need to dial on your cell phone command *111#. Thus, the subscriber goes to a menu where he can choose whatever he needs at the moment. To do this, click Yes, OK or "Reply", type the desired menu item and send the message. Answers service MTS appear on the screen cell phone and, unlike SMS messages are not saved in memory (they do not have to remove). Navigating the menu of the Mobile portal are free. To change the tariff plan, as well as connecting and disconnecting services are paid according to the tariff plan of the client MTS. The money is debited from the account upon delivery of the information.
Another option to find out your number MTS - dial from your phone *111*0887#. The service is available free of charge in your home network and when roaming in Russia and abroad.
Also for free you can call the numberat 0887 in range of your home network and get to know your room MTS.