You will need
  • Mobile phone, Internet, second phone.
If your mobile operator – MTS, you can know your number in the following way. Dial *111*0887# and press "call". You will then receive a message with a message content "Your application is accepted. Wait for SMS with the result." The following SMS message will be a message "Your phone number: ...", where instead of the dot there will be a full mobile phone number. If you prefer to hear a voice reply, type 0887 in range of your home network and press the call key. Automatic operator say your number voice one digit at a time.
If you prefer Vodafone, you need to dial on your phone's keypad 110*10# and press the call key. The second method is to call the number 067410. You will then receive a TEXT message with a mobile number. This service is free.
For a SIM card MegaFon use *205# and call. Do it from your phone. In response you will receive the necessary numbers. Additional charges for this service will be charged.
If you use the services of cellular communication TELE2, we need *201# and call. Soon after you absolutely free learn your phone number.
The operator of the Skylink, this service is also free. Your mobile number can be found by dialing *555#. After the answer, follow the directions in the system, sequentially dial the digits 1 and 7. The answering machine will send a TEXT message with your mobile number.
Your choice fell on the less well-known operator of cellular services? Then you will need to find his site on the Internet and in the search box enter the query "check your number". In case of failure, please call the phone number on the website and ask the question, how do you know your number, operator support.
And always the easiest way to find out your phone number. Only it will need another mobile phone. Call for second mobile phone and your number appears on his screen.