Find the cadastral passport or the cadastral plan for the plot: it is the cadastral number identificeret it in the Unified state register of rights. Cadastral plan typically contains several articles describing a specific plot of land, however, if the land has not passed mezhevanie, the cadastral passport will contain only form B 1, and such land can only be used for private farming or individual housing construction.
Make a statement on the state registration of rights on land. A statement you can issue themselves or delegate your representative, which can also write the application in accordance with the issued power of attorney.
Provide to the state Registrar a so-called document-base, that is the document that gives you the right to own particular land. The most common document-based act the act on the provision of land, certificate of title or extract from the economic book. In addition, when submitting documents for registration of the plot you will require a receipt for payment of registration fee.
At registration of the documents with each copy, the registration also serve them together with the originals. After registration of the certificate on the ground the originals will be returned to you. When writing any documents by hand you should prevent in the texts blots, crossed-out phrases, and abbreviations or ambiguity.
After the transfer of all documents, wait for the result of the review: all papers should pass legal examination and only then in the Unified state register will be made, your right to the land, and you will receive a certificate on the land.
In case the certificate is lost, you can always get a new one. One does not have to collect all the documents, just write a petition and submit it to the authority which received the first certificate of the land.