Advice 1: What are the necessary documents for sale of land

If your property has a plot of land, this means that at any moment you can sell it and convert the land into money signs. But since land is considered real estate and, in addition, is subject to tax, any land is in the state cadastre. Therefore, to sell the land, you can only submit the required package of documents confirming your right to this land.
What are the necessary documents for sale of land

Types of legal documents for land

Currently, citizens in possession of land have different rights to them. The type is indicated in the title documents and is defined as a condition of use of this site:
- property;
- hire;
- unlimited use;
- lifetime inheritable possession;
- gratuitous use.

This right is confirmed by relevant documents, which include:
- certificate of land ownership the new sample;
- certificate of land ownership is the old model;
- state certificate of ownership to the earth, lifelong inherited possession, termless (permanent use) of land;
- resolution of regional administrations or agreements on the sale or lease of land.

Today, you without problems and will be able to sell only one plot, the ownership of which is decorated in the form of the certificate of the new sample. This means that the land and rights to it registered in the public registry the land is situated on the cadastral account, a cadastral plan. All others must complete the registration of land property and obtain a certificate of the new sample and to deliver the land plot cadastral registration.

What documents will be required to sell the land

Having on hands the certificate and cadastral plan, contact the geodetic organization having the appropriate certification, make a contract for the production of a survey plan, which will be an act of negotiation of boundaries with adjacent landowners.
The transaction for the sale of land on terms can last from 3 to 6 months.

If the plot has a capital structure, it is necessary to order the BTI technical passport for them and the manufacturer a certificate of the appraised value. If there are no buildings, BTI still has to issue a certificate that on this site they are missing.

After the landmark case will be submitted and approved by the territorial cadastral chamber, you will receive at the hands of the cadastral plan of the land plot for sale. If the property were held in joint ownership, prepare the notarized consent of the spouse on the sale of land and buildings in the case where on the site they are.
The contract of purchase and sale can be made in simple written form, notarization is not a requirement.

A notary or the Registrar make a contract of purchase and sale, in the same order the extract from EGRP. Then at companies house, imagine all need for registration of the transaction documents:

- application for state registration of the transaction and transfer of ownership;
- documents certifying the identity of the parties;
receipt about payment of state duty;
- the originals of legal documents;
- technical passport of the buildings;
- cadastral plan of the land plot;
- agreement of purchase and sale;
- notarially certified consent of the spouse.

Advice 2 : How to make the purchase of the site

Independent the purchase of your land plot has some obvious advantages, such as significant cost savings. There is no need to resort to costly services of real estate offices. In this case, it is necessary to consider that self-service documents for the land plot could be delayed indefinitely. But nevertheless, to draw up the documents - it's completely doable if you follow certain steps.
How to make the purchase of the site
In the first stage, the seller is obliged to present the documents necessary for registration of the plot:- a document confirming the right of ownership;
- the floor plan;
- a certificate of absence of arrests and bans;
- cadastral plan of the land plot;
- certificate from tax inspection about payment of taxes on the land for the current year.If the seller lack the necessary documents, they can be purchased:- floor plan - BTI;
- cadastral plan Cadastral Committee;
- certificate of absence of arrests at the Land Committee.
In the second stage directly is a contract for the sale and purchase of land plot. It can be made in a simple written form and notarize - both are legal. Written contract for management of the Federal registration service. This contract shall include the size and location of the land plot, the purpose of its use.
The third step is the transfer of a land plot, i.e., signed the Transfer certificate. He officially confirms the transfer of ownership to the new owner.
In the fourth stage, for the registration of the land plot to the local Department of the Federal registration service must submit the following documents:- application for registration;
- right supporting document to a land plot;
- transfer act;
- cadastral plan of the land plot;
- receipt of payment of the registration fee;
- certificate of payment of tax on land.
The fifth step is the calculation of the buyer with the seller. The seller gets paid after buyer receive the Certificate of ownership.

Advice 3 : How to make a cottage for sale

To sell the country need to be its owner and have the certificate of ownership of the building and the land. If these documents are not, before you start selling, you need to issue title. You can do this yourself or entrust the paperwork and the sale of garden professionals from real estate agencies.
How to make a cottage for sale
You will need
  • -passport
  • -certificate of ownership of the building and the land
  • -extract from the cadastral passport
  • -a written registration of the Deposit
  • -agreement of purchase and sale
  • -the act of transfer and acceptance
  • -registration of rights of ownership to buyers
For the registration of ownership of the country need land title to the plot. If not, then take the statement about the land from the household book to the Board of a horticultural society or local authority. The extract shall be issued on a special form from the registration center.
Next, you should invite the land management organization to carry out the necessary works and the preparation of the technical documents of the land.
With all the documents, please contact the registration center of land plots, cadastre and cartography (Rosnedvizhimost). Based on the submitted documents, you will issue cadastral passport and make a statement for the registration of property rights.
For the registration of ownership country house, you need to have documents of title to him or to compile a complete inventory of buildings. The inventory is made by hand and certified by the Board or in the local administration. In this document you need to specify the area of the house, number of floors, rooms, day, month and year of construction.
With all the collected documents for the house and land go to the state records center and complete ownership rights.
Then you can sell the cottage. For this you need to find buyers to take the Deposit and place it in writing or by a notary.
Next comes the registration of the notary contract of purchase andsale and the acceptance report-transfers.
All. Buyers can register the rights of ownership.
You can sell the cottage and, not making out of the certificate of title to house and land. You need to find buyers, to make a written contractof sale and write in the name of buyers the power of attorney further to give clearance. But such variant of sale can be done if you are ready to sell the cottage for a nominal price. In all other cases, the necessary documents of title.

Advice 4 : How to buy land

Each of us probably secretly dreams of a small piece of land, where over time you can build a house. The real estate market of the land of fate are always popular, especially those that are far from the city. The procedure of registration of purchase of land will not take much time if you have already had such a procedure and know the entire process inside. If not – contact the office that deals with collection and registration of all documents.
How to buy land
You will need
  • - money
Select the location where you would like to have land. The price of land depends on its location. Land near big cities are many times more expensive than similar areas near the sparsely populated points. Rate the distance from the village, plot size, soil quality, availability of communications. The ground under construction will be much more expensive than land designated for agricultural purposes.
Decide whether you will implement the purchase of the land on their own or seek help from the professionals. Self-service will allow you to save some money, but the ignorance of the correct paperwork can result in a long process that will stretch on indefinitely. Different the validity of certificates and visits to various government authorities – all this complicates the paperwork for the purchase of land.
Make sure that the seller has the legal documents, i.e. the owner. Law of the land sets up a special document - State act which is made on a special form.
Visit any law firm and make a contract of purchase-sale, then assure at the notary four copies. In the contract for the purchase of the land must be indicated the order of the calculation, the experts, the liability of the parties, force majeure, under which a terminated agreement. The agreement must be accompanied by a document on the acceptance of transfer of the object. The agreement spells out the characteristics of the land: address, cadastral number, category of land, use of land, the inventory number in case of construction of houses and buildings showing the area.
Please note that to buy the land without leaving home. On the Internet there are several sites specializing in buying and selling land. You can read detailed information about the area, location, distance from transport interchanges and even see pictures. In addition, on this website you can see samples of documents to fill in and get online expert advice.
Carefully review the documents on site, whenever possible, use a lawyer.
Useful advice
To begin the study sites online that offer to sell land.

Advice 5 : How to arrange the sale of villas

You have long wanted to retire and devote their leisure time to landscaping the garden. However, the years go by, and the purchase of cottages , all delayed... where do I begin to solve the issue with buying suburban real estate?
How to arrange the sale of villas
Buy the newspaper advertisement of sale, visit Internet sites that feature information about the cottages that are offered for sale. Select the appropriate option (or several). Not looking for a country of their own. Even abandoned the plot can be the owner. Contact a reliable realtor, if you do not rely on their strength. Choose a cottage with all communications. In this case it is better to buy a vacation home more expensive, than to wait years to determine the gas, heating, etc.
Contact the owner of the cottages, ask him for permission to look at the site. You will find out if all the documents on the country, legalized all buildings.
Meticulously view the country. On the cost and value of any other property, affected by many factors that often escape the attention of future owners: the presence of nearby outlets and supermarkets, proximity to trails, proximity to nature conservation areas and agricultural land, the presence of noisy neighbors, etc. Find out in advance whether the planned renovation or demolition of the village in the near future. Ask the owner of the documents and check with the cadastral plan of the plot sizes. Ask documents certifying the right of the owner of real estate.
Ask and other documents proving the purity of a future transaction:- certificate from tax bodies on absence of indebtedness;
- a certificate from the notary about the lack of applicants for the property;
- certificate of payment of membership fees;
- written and notarially certified consent of the spouse (spouse) on sale of cottages;
- certificate confirming the absence of boundary claims;
- information about the absence of restrictions of possession of land and residential buildings;
- a written and notarized waivers of stolikov from a priority right of redemption of shares of the property;
- the inquiry on absence of debts on payment of housing services.
Will sign a preliminary contract of sale. Be sure to give a Deposit to first, the owner of the garden was able to pay off all that debt and all the formation documents (if necessary), and secondly, that in the event of cancellation you would be able to impose his claim (usually a penalty double the amount of the Deposit). For such a Treaty to have legal effect, it is better to place it at the notary and to take a receipt for the money.
Sign a contract of purchase and sale in the local branch of the FRS at the Ministry of justice. Will receive a certificate of registration of the property rights.

Advice 6 : What documents are needed for the purchase of land

The earth is perhaps one of the most successful long-term investment, therefore, the operations related to buying, are now increasingly widespread, and knowledge of the documents and papers that you need to gather and prepare for going through the procedures of official registration, become relevant.
What documents are needed for the purchase of land
You will need
  • - agreement of purchase and sale,
  • - the cadastral passport,
  • - technical passport of buildings.
Regardless of the issue price, cost, area and location you intend to purchase plot basis for preparing the package of documents will be the list in the Civil and Land codes of the Russian.
The main document that will be needed when making the transaction of purchase and sale, undoubtedly, is issued to the owner of a certificate certifying the right of ownership of the sold land, and supporting cadastral plans, which also need to request from the seller before carrying out the land transactions. Evidence can be replaced by similar documents of the "old-fashioned" or any local ordinances of regional administrations that are in Vogue with legitimate power. This list will reflect the nature of the acquired land, whether the land of selskokhosyastvennya or a industrial facility, as well as the conditions under which the rights of ownership previously went to the former owner, it can be an inheritance, the right of use and the like.
After checking the above documents, it is important to address in bodies of land management and geodesy with existing on hand an extract from the cadastral plan, which according to the results of the "shooting" of the object agree on the boundaries of the site sold, sign, certify, and an official report with all owners of adjacent land.
A few months after the initial application you will be given a cadastral plan is required for the transaction. If you have a certain area of the property there is an urgent need to order the current sheet structure, as well as a certificate of its appraised value, the lack of arrests and outstanding land tax, if there is none, you need to obtain an official document from the bodies of BTI confirming this fact.
To the notarized contract of purchase and sale drawn up by the Registrar in the simplest form, you must attach an official consent of the spouse of the seller, without pretensions to commit such a transaction, or an official decision of the guardianship.
After the transaction of purchase and sale should order an extract from egrip and submit to the Registrar "corrupt" cadastral plan registration of the structure and all of the above information and documents, which will be the basis for obtaining long-awaited testimony on the property of the new owner of the land.
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