Types of legal documents for land

Currently, citizens in possession of land have different rights to them. The type is indicated in the title documents and is defined as a condition of use of this site:
- property;
- hire;
- unlimited use;
- lifetime inheritable possession;
- gratuitous use.

This right is confirmed by relevant documents, which include:
- certificate of land ownership the new sample;
- certificate of land ownership is the old model;
- state certificate of ownership to the earth, lifelong inherited possession, termless (permanent use) of land;
- resolution of regional administrations or agreements on the sale or lease of land.

Today, you without problems and will be able to sell only one plot, the ownership of which is decorated in the form of the certificate of the new sample. This means that the land and rights to it registered in the public registry the land is situated on the cadastral account, a cadastral plan. All others must complete the registration of land property and obtain a certificate of the new sample and to deliver the land plot cadastral registration.

What documents will be required to sell the land

Having on hands the certificate and cadastral plan, contact the geodetic organization having the appropriate certification, make a contract for the production of a survey plan, which will be an act of negotiation of boundaries with adjacent landowners.
The transaction for the sale of land on terms can last from 3 to 6 months.

If the plot has a capital structure, it is necessary to order the BTI technical passport for them and the manufacturer a certificate of the appraised value. If there are no buildings, BTI still has to issue a certificate that on this site they are missing.

After the landmark case will be submitted and approved by the territorial cadastral chamber, you will receive at the hands of the cadastral plan of the land plot for sale. If the property were held in joint ownership, prepare the notarized consent of the spouse on the sale of land and buildings in the case where on the site they are.
The contract of purchase and sale can be made in simple written form, notarization is not a requirement.

A notary or the Registrar make a contract of purchase and sale, in the same order the extract from EGRP. Then at companies house, imagine all need for registration of the transaction documents:

- application for state registration of the transaction and transfer of ownership;
- documents certifying the identity of the parties;
receipt about payment of state duty;
- the originals of legal documents;
- technical passport of the buildings;
- cadastral plan of the land plot;
- agreement of purchase and sale;
- notarially certified consent of the spouse.