You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - title documents for the land plot;
  • - the decision of the local authority (if the land the ball in the lease);
  • - extract from the cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan;
  • - a statement in regcenter;
  • - receipt of payment for registration.
If you have purchased land before 31 January 1998, i.e. before the entry into force of the Federal law 122-F3 for compulsory registration of transactions and registration of the certificate on the ownership, then you should put the site on registration and obtaining a cadastral passport. To do this, you will need to carry out the procedure of land surveying and to the technical documents that you'll register the land Committee.
Contact Federal UPRAVLENIE for the unified registration of land plots, cadastre and cartography, apply for challenge of cadastral engineer that the specialist held a list of necessary works on the basis of which you will produce technical documents for the site.
Engineer inventory will survey, make a diagram, make a topographical survey of the area. But before he started to work, show him a copy of the cadastral plan, which will give the local administration.
Create a written act of agreeing the boundaries between the plots with all owners of adjacent properties. This act, make in writing, specify the names of all the neighbors, home address and their agreement with scribed borders. Below put the number and the signatures of all the persons made the agreement.
With the received documents from the engineer for the inventory, with the act agreement, please contact the land Committee. Your site will be put on the record, will issue him a cadastral passport for it. Get a statement from the passport site and a copy of the cadastral plan.
Please contact the registration center, write a statement of your passport, all documents received, documents of title to the site. In one month you will be given a certificate of ownership.
If your site were to be leased, to make his ownership, in addition to these documents you will need the decision of the local municipality on the transfer of land ownership. When submitting documents to the registration cent apply the decision of the administration.